We both appreciated not feeling judged for our answers

February 21st Daniel and Christine – Waco, TX - “It renewed our appreciation of the beauty and truth of the Catholic Church and its teachings.”

Him: The theological foundations that were taught about morality and the reasons behind the Church's visions of sex and marriage were what I appreciated most.

Her: I appreciated the instructors’ feedback and the wealth of sources that we were encouraged to dive into.

BothThe material was very reflective of the Catholic vision of marriage and allowed us to deeply reflect on the beauty of this theology. We are so much more prepared for marriage having taken this course.

February 22nd Jordan and Alyana – Crookston, MI -“The course gave us such a great opportunity to grow and learn more about our faith!”

Him: This course definitely sparked a revival in my faith. Questions were raised and answers were given. It made me realize that there is time for worship, no matter what I say is a busy schedule.

Her: The course helped me realize what it means to prepare to live a marriage through Christ and the work it will take to prepare for it.

Both: We both appreciated not feeling judged for our answers and the encouraging insight in responses to the questions from our instructors.

February 23rd Richard and Elisandra – Atlanta, GA - “The course helped build our relationship further as a couple and with God.”

Him: It revived my faith by giving me more detailed and deeper meaning as to what and why we believe.

Her: The course pulled me out of my day to learn more about God and to be closer to him.

Both: We were able to learn a lot from our instructors and the program. We also love the fact that we were able to work on these at our own pace and conveniently online in the comfort of our home.

February 24th Bryan and Thea Lyn – Fort Worth, TX - “By doing this together, it helps us build our relationship with Christ as our foundation.”

Him: Yes, I have been away from the church for a few years. This program helped me get back onto the right path and whenever we are having any difficult times, it lead me to start praying again.

Her: The course allowed me to practice my faith more fully and learn about what is expected of us in marriage.

Both: It helps establish that the basis for marriage is firmly established in God. By reminding us to focus on the covenant we are entering, it takes the focus off of us and puts the focus on him.

February 25th Thomas and Lorrie – Colorado Springs, CO - “We are most excited to be fully in union with the Church and to live a holy marriage. This course is getting us there!”

Him: I feel I’m taking away from this course a lot of food for thought, tools that I can use to make a great relationship even better, the importance of living a God centered life, inviting Christ into our home every day and that Christ’s love is the glue that will keep us together for the rest of our lives.

Her: This was a continuation of my faith in God and the Church especially to learn about a Catholic marriage.

Both: We greatly appreciated the responses to our answers and actually learned quite a bit!

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