Great support from facilitators and ability to work at our own pace.

February 28th Graham and Ann Marie – Cincinnati, OH -“The thoughtful approach to sometimes difficult topics brought up in the course was very valuable and appreciated.”

Him: My favorite aspect was the deep dive into a variety of scripture passages which strengthened my desire to make sure that God is at the center of our relationship and marriage.

Her: It ignited my faith and desire to grow closer to God by further elucidating God’s will for the sacrament of marriage.

BothThis course reinforced the importance of actively maintaining healthy communication throughout the course of married life (particularly through times of change).

March 1st Corey and Marissa – Rockville Centre, NY -“The course allowed for very good dialogue and discussions, as a result our communications have grown stronger already.”

Him: Sometimes life grabs you and runs with you and it’s important to be reminded of why we are here.

Her: I appreciated talking about all of the meaning behind marriage and its relationship with God.

Both: We both appreciated the quality time we spent together going through this course.

March 2nd Youhan and Raven – Los Angeles, CA - “The course gave us solid ways in which we can actually resolve conflict. Not just in theory, but through our faith and practicality.”

Him: I enjoyed reading through the explanations and seeing the different angles that were given by our instructors while remaining true to the Church's teaching and natural law.

Her: The course poked our hearts and mind to contemplate the theology, spirituality, and practicality of marriage in ways we hadn't. It provoked meaningful conversations that we will continue to dive into.

Both: We appreciated looking at Genesis through the lens you equipped us with to make a good connection of how we interact with each other, knowing where we can fail, and how to avoid it through virtue.

March 3rd Dakota and Mariah – Owensboro, KY - “We are so grateful for the guidance provided in helping us learn about our faith and prepare us for marriage through this course!!”

Him: This class taught me a lot I did not know, enforced things I did, has helped me understand the faith better and encouraged me to look forward to a brighter future with my spouse and family.

Her: It encouraged us to ask good questions and backed it up with solid Church teachings/explanations.

Both: We learned to be more open with one another and mindful of active listening to improve our relationship.

March 4th Jacob and Nicole – Pittsburg, PA - “It was great to find out we are on the same page about most things and are willing to find a win-win solution!”

Him: Great support from facilitators and ability to work at our own pace. Sparked great discussion between Nicole and me.

Her: I loved being able to work together with the discussion and activities; the format was very enlightening.

Both: We greatly appreciate having the responses on hand for future reference and that we could reach out to our instructors with any need.


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