We had such great conversations about our future and faith

March 6th Nathan and Angela – Peoria, IL - “It renewed our desire to put God first!”

Him: It helped us communicate about the work it takes to have a successful marriage.

Her: This course has brought me closer to God and I want to focus my life more on Him and create our foundation, as a married couple, in the Catholic faith.

BothThe time, input and support our instructors gave has been tremendously helpful to us as a couple.

March 7th Tho Phuoc and Thanh Ha – Sacramento, CA -“The course gave us the opportunity to critically think about the true meaning of life, marriage, and family.”

Him: I really enjoyed reading the answer keys and the interactive aspect of the course.

Her: The course renewed my desire to get Closer to God and his Church.

Both: We got to spend more time together learning about each other, and what God expects of us as a married couple.

March 8th Jacob and Kayla – Phoenix, AZ - “We learned SO much!!!”

Him: I really enjoyed this course because it wasn't just something we felt like we had to get through. Every assignment we completed we had learned something new.

Her: It helped strengthen my belief about why the Catholic Church teaches what it does.

Both: We appreciated the effort, clarity and depth that was put into responding to our answers.

March 9th Charlton and Shelby– New Orleans, LA- “We feel our faith is stronger than ever.”

Him: I think it was more of a solidification for me and to live out His teachings together, deepens my faith.

Her: I appreciated how to interpret God's message to us going forward with greater understanding.

Both: We have always been honest and respectful of one another and our beliefs, but we were really able to lay everything on the table with this course and it led to amazing conversations between us.

March 10th Joshua and Sarah – Galveston-Houston, TX - “We got to know each other on a more intimate level through God and the church.”

Him: The chance to talk to my fiancée about how we see our future in the church.

Her: We had such great conversations about our future and faith.

Both: The course made it more apparent that we need to start going back to church and together as a couple..

March 11th Zachary and Anais – Philadelphia, PA - “For us to have a happy and fulfilling marriage, God must be in the center, need for prayer and be thankful for each other everyday.”

Him: I feel that the class was very educational and engaging and it reminded me that I would always need to keep God in the center or our marriage.

Her: I learned more about my future spouse on a spiritual level and also was able to see what his thought process is like when thinking about our marriage and family in the future.

Both: The classes helped us think about marriage and ways that it would make us better spouses and parents through the deep discussions we had.

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