I appreciated being able to grow closer to God and my future spouse

March 19th Eric and Hannah – Toledo, OH - “It built the foundation for our marriage!”

Him: This was a great class that reflected on what marriage truly means to myself, future wife and God.

Her: Learning and reflecting on all of Gods teachings and how they play a key role in our relationship.

BothWe appreciated the ability to build our bond stronger through God’s teaching with reflection on what this means to our relationship and life.

March 20th Craig and Delina-Rae – Saskatchewan, Canada -“We are eager to continue my religious journey.”

Him: I appreciated our mentors insights, non-judgement and how much faith they had in our relationship.

Her: I enjoyed diving into our relationship and discussing what we expect and what we want to accomplish.

Both: We feel like the course brought us closer to God because now we fully understand the concept of marriage and everything that comes with it.

March 21st Shawn and Alexis – Denver, CO - “We learned more about marriage and about what God wants for us in marriage.”

Him: Getting a better understanding and explanation of God's purpose for our bodies and for marriage.

Her: I appreciated being able to grow closer to God and my future spouse.

Both: This course gave us a new and better understanding of what our Church is about and was exciting to watch the videos explaining our faith in a way that makes us want to be a part of Church and follow God's Will.

March 22nd Patrick and Jessica– Detroit, MI- “We gained a lot of insight from the course!”

Him: Getting direct, timely feedback allowed us to think further about our responses; it felt very personal.

Her: I appreciated the understanding that our instructors had, they were approachable and gave us information for us to use in our own way.

Both: The class was simple enough that its messages were effective and allowed us to work at our own pace, but in depth enough to provide a wealth of new information.

March 23rd Benjamin and Erin – San Jose, CA - “It made us want to always be in communion with God andremember all the blessings of living a life with Him.”

Him: I thought the material was excellent quality, and even though we were remote we were able to learn a ton about our faith.

Her: I appreciated the traditional teachings. I felt like all topics were covered, even the ones that are hard to discuss in our current culture.

Both: The course helped us discuss some difficult topics - particularly the importance forgiveness.

March 24th Rafael and Perla – Watsonvile, CA - “We appreciated everything we learned about each other and embracing the love we have with God.”

Him: This class was more of an eye opening for me -there's more to marriage beside having a wife and family. Some of the questions were hard but we got through it good.

Her: It helped us in things we needed to communicate NOW rather than putting it off.

Both: Taking this course opened our eyes that everything in our relationship, after marriage, is with God.

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