The course encouraged us to communicate better and share things on a deeper level

March 25th LeRoy and Monique – Atlanta, GA - “This course tested the strength of our relationship thus far and what we will bring into the marriage.”

Him: It was very enlightening and another way for my fiance and me to get a better understanding of the things we need to know in our marriage.

Her: It has brought about a need to continue to dive into God's teachings and not take everything at face value. Though I was born and raised in the church, I want to be even more immersed in my faith and grow.

BothBy understanding a little bit more about God's teachings has brought us closer to God and helped us to further understand what he sacrificed for us.

March 26th Cesar and Nessie – Houston, TX -“This course prepared us more spiritually than we thought it would!”

Him: This class has improved our position and chances of a successful and fruitful marriage.

Her: The course opened my eyes to the meaning of God and his motive for us and more aware of what is being asked of me when we enter into the sacrament of matrimony through God’s eyes.

Both: We discussed certain aspects of the marriage relationship at a much deeper level and we now have a greater understanding of how we can love each other better than before and forever.

March 27th Lawrence and Heather – Santa Fe, NM - “We really appreciated the honesty of the course and our instructors.”

Him: This course prompted us to look deeper inside ourselves and really talk about our future, issues and expectations we have for each other while keep a big focus on God's word.

Her: The conversations we had and learning a lot about each other to prepare us for the next steps in life.

Both: It helped us to realize why it is so important to have God in our marriage and our priorities straight.

March 28th Agron and Imelda– Edmonton, Cananda- “We are so grateful to God for this!”

Him: Studying this class, I found more than a treasure; I found myself, my love, my real faith, my God, my believe and trust in Holy Christ. To tie together a knot with the blessing of our God and with our love and our faith, we will be together forever.

Her: The course was a “window” that opened my horizon in my future life as a wife and a woman of God.

Both: It helped us know each other more, spend more time together, laugh more, no angry arguments, but sweet and soft discussion, we are closer to each other’s heart, have more communication together, more praying together, and more talking to God about our future.

March 29th Giovanni and Jaclyn – Alba, Italy - “We are most grateful for the course and  insight our instructors provided us with each lesson.”

Him: I especially appreciated the opportunities it gave us to talk about subjects that are not always pleasant but needed before starting a marriage. I loved the many resources for us to review together and talk about.

Her: It was reassuring as we went through the course that we were always on the same page with our answers, even with the more difficult questions.

Both: The course encouraged us to communicate better and share things on a deeper level than we have done in the past making us stronger as a couple, and having more respect for each other.

March 30th Jeffrey and Elizabeth – St. Louis, MO - “This course allowed us the time to figure out where we stand as a couple and was very beneficial for our communication.”

Him: It pushed us to learn more about each other and (as a non-Catholic) it gave me insight into the Church and why we are getting married through the sacrament of marriage.

Her: This course reminded me why I am a Catholic! 

Both: Being encouraged to push ourselves and explore places we may not have wanted to go before. Now, we can go into our sacrament of marriage feeling like we really did the work to be there.

March 31st Raul and Emily – San Bernadino, CA - “It helped us strengthen our bond and our relationship with God.”

Him: It was a lot of time invested but it helped us break away from busy life and take a moment for us.

Her: It forced us to really stop and think about the true meaning of marriage, which was really special.

Both: This course really breaks down marriage, makes you realize the true meaning of it and it really helped us see our future together.


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