I loved how we learned so much about each other

April 9th Darell and Lanecia – New Orleans, LA - “The course encouraged us to incorporate prayer as a family and to always keep God first in our relationship.”

Him: The course opened my eyes to different perspectives.

Her: I enjoyed it, it was time that we got to spend together brainstorming and working together.

Both: It helped us open up to things we may not have thought of and helped us to communicate better.

April 10th Jeff and Kellyn – Norwich, CT -“This class was a surprise! It helped bring us closer to each other and to God.”

Him: This class helped us reflect on who we are, who we want to be, and how we want our family to be.

Her: It encouraged us to dive deeper into the meaning of having a relationship with Christ and gave some great tips for being a Catholic married couple, dealing with different situations.

Both: The course was enlightening and opened our eyes to some flaws and weaknesses in our relationship as well as well helped us learn more about each other and grow closer.

April 11th Christian and Kristen – San Francisco, CA - “Each assignment provoked important questions and topics for us to discuss before our marriage.”

Him: Each lesson allows you to have a better understanding of the Church's view on certain topics.

Her: It built on Catholic formation and challenged us to correct misconceptions about the Church's teachings.

Both: We are able to learn a lot about the Church's views on marriage, but also how to improve our relationship before we get married.

April 12th Joseph and Laura – Philadelphia, PA - “We will take what we’ve learned with us throughout our marriage.”

Him: It helped us connect, think on a different level and gave us another way to look at reality of marriage.

Her: I liked how it challenged us to think about things differently and understand better what God intended.

Both: The course gave us a better appreciation of one another and all that God has provided for us to be successful in marriage.

April 13th Christopher and Jennifer – Palm Beach, FL - “This was a great motivation for us to continue living our Catholic faith together the way God intended.”

Him: I loved how dedicated the course was to the Bible and our Catholic faith.

Her: It was a great way to have conversations we probably wouldn't have if it wasn't for all the lessons.

Both: Wereally enjoyed doing this class over a long period of time, rather than all in one day.

April 14th Erik and Dyanne – Memphis, TN - “We got closer with God, the church and each other.”

Him: I really liked the experience. Even though it was done remotely, I feel as if we were all together. The questions asked, and the discussions made really benefited us.

Her: I loved how we learned so much about each other.

Both: It renewed our desire to get closer to God on a daily basis.

April 15th Mark and Alexis – San Antonio, TX - “Every assignment remained centered in Christ, allowing us to grow our faith together.”

Him: Incorporating the catechism to allow us to view the references to the makeup of our faith.

Her: Overall very easy to follow, with very clear instructions.

Both: We received a lot of tools and opportunities to open discussions between the two of us.


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