We are closer to one another, and also closer to God as a couple

April 16th Jonathon and Kendy – Atlanta, GA - “The course strengthened our desire to get closer to God and His Church.”

Him: I enjoyed this course because of the different levels of depth that we were able to uncover and achieve in our relationship. I believe all of the course work is super well put together and allows to bring out the best in each other.

Her: It made us closer and further understand our needs and what to expect and not expect from marriage.

Both: It provided us with more of a reinforcement reminding us all to be thankful for and all the different aspects of life to analyze.

April 17th James and Mandy – Burlington, VT -“We are closer to one another, and also closer to God as a couple.”

Him: The course was very informative and helpful and giving clarity as to the relevance of marriage in the Catholic Church. It shows how we as a couple must stick together, trust each other as we trust in God, and raise a family.

Her: It helped us prepare - to understand why and how marriage exists, in order to last and be fulfilling.

Both: The feedback and answer keys helped us gain another perspective and deeper understanding of ALL of it.

April 18th Joe and Sarah – Detroit, MI - “Each lesson provoked conversations of God on a regular basis continuing our thoughts of faith past the submit button.”

Him: This class was very thought provoking to help us refocus our faith and dedicate time to each our and recenter our faith.

Her: This class sparked a lot of meaningful conversation of what we want for our us and our future family. It strengthened our faith with each assignment.

Both: It ignited our desire to get closer to God and His Church because we made additional time each week to speak of His love.

April 19th Michael and Meghan – New York, NY - “We appreciated the insight it gave us as a couple and all of the different ways to make sure that we live a life and marriage centered with God.”

Him: This was a great course it made me look deeper into my faith and what marriage means.

Her: I enjoyed the conversations we had. This course gave me a whole new perception on life and marriage.

Both: The course made us come closer and go to a deeper level of our wants and beliefs.

April 20th Brian and Jessica – Rockville Centre, NY - “Very thorough and every question required a detailed thought process. Overall great experience!”

Him: I really valued the lesson on NFP which seemed like something we can practice with our future family.

Her: I realized how important the teachings of God are and to spread it to your family. I am very happy I get to share my faith with fiancé.

Both: This course really challenged us to think and how we can relate God to our upcoming marriage.

April 21st Rodolfo and Maria – Austin, TX - “It ignited a desire to get closer to God because a marriage without God would not have a great outcome. We plan to use what we learned in our marriage.”

Him: This experience has expanded my knowledge and deepened my love for my religion. I was able to learn at my own pace while also receiving guidance topics I did not yet fully grasp.

Her: I believe that God has the power to make everything peaceful and with him included in our marriage it has encouraged me to get closer.

Both: The course allowed us to grow closer than we already were through problem solving and trying to figure out the best responses for each of the questions.

April 22nd Michael and Brianna – Sioux City, IA - “We only knew a small bit of information about a catholic marriage but now our eyes are wide open!”

Him: It truly gave me a whole new perspective to what I thought was marriage. I found out that there are more little things that we have come together and agree upon.

Her: This class really allowed us to open up more about our faith and what we are wanting in our life together.

Both: The class did amazing at providing more insight into what makes a marriage work. That marriage is not just surface level; it’s mind, body and soul being on the same page.

April 23rd Justin and Tawsha – San Jose, CA - “The course allowed us to self-reflect and confirm how we want to move forward in life and in our marriage.”

Him: As a non-Catholic, this course gave me a lot of insight into what makes a good catholic.

Her: It made me feel like I'm being guided in the right direction.

Both: We appreciated all the resources and the down-to-earth explanations of why things are




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