The assignments made us talk and converse with each other about a lot of difficult topics that are key to a healthy relationship and marriage

April 24th Moses and Alecia – New Ulm, MN - “This helped us grow together in our relationship and put God at the center of it.”

Him: This class got us talking about things that we most likely would not have talked about before our marriage and made us think a lot about our lives leading up to saying “I do” and about the life after saying “I do”. Very great and beneficial class to be a part of.

Her: It helped us start preparing for our future so that we can go into our marriage ready for what is ahead of us and with God at the center of our relationship.

Both: We appreciated how the entire class and all the assignments made us talk and converse with each other about a lot of difficult topics that are key to a healthy relationship and marriage.

April 25th Jesse and Katherine – Lafayette, LA - “We are able to more deeply connected in a spiritual and religious sense.”

Him: I thoroughly enjoyed each of the assignments; it helped us to grow closer, to have a better understanding of the commitment of marriage and gave us valuable tools to help create the best marriage possible for us.

Her: It created great conversations between us. Not so much "learning" new things about each other but just digging deeper on different subjects.

Both: The course showed how vital our relationship with God is in having the best marriage we can possibly have.

April 26th Russell and Lauren – San Antonio, TX - “This course reminded us why marriage is a holy act.”

Him: This course has really expanded my thoughts and opinions on how Catholicism benefits your relationship and marriage. We as a couple have already become closer and have learned so many valuable tools that will help us in the future.

Her: As someone who is not Catholic, this course and the information/resources provided has really expanded my views and standings on major concepts discussed. This course has changed my mindset on religion as a whole and I am strongly thinking about converting to Catholicism in the next few years.

Both: It has taught us that it is okay to have a different opinion, and that as long as we communicate, we can become stronger together.

April 27th Emmilio and Jozalyn – Cubao, Phillipines - “It helped us to know more about God's grace in marriage.”

Him: This definitely helped me, to have a new meaning and view of marriage. To get our goals right.

Her: It was very insightful, full of guidance and helpful tips and advice on how to prepare ourselves for our Church wedding.

Both: We better understand the importance of getting married in a Church and what it truly means to build a family.

April 28th Chad and Christina – Allentown, PA - “The course helped us reignite our relationship we didn't know was possible.”

Him: As a couple we were able to create a stronger bond through Christ and discuss our marriage through our faith, not just the through the eyes of society.

Her: It gave us a chance to open up in ways we didn't know would help! It was also really great to hear of our mentor’s personal experiences, which helped us navigate through many of our conversations.

Both: This course has made our relationship stronger and a place of total acceptance and transparency.

April 29th Benjamin and Taylor – Houston, TX - “It did a great job connecting faith, married life and asking important questions.”

Him: This class was an amazing opportunity for us to discuss our faith, prayer life, and intimate details of our personality and how that will play into our relationship as husband and wife.

Her: It opened a lot of conversations that we either had not had or had not gone into enough depth. It also solidified the commitment we are making to each other and to God.

Both: This course was a constant way for us to come back to the core reason we are getting married, to be united with each other through Christ. It means a lot to know that our wedding day will be perfect no matter what because it is a day between God, and the two of us - nothing can truly go wrong.

April 30th Jason and Jacqueline – Sacramento, CA - “This was a truly special and bonding experience for us to share together as we prepare for our marriage.”

Him: We learned so much about our faith, God and the role these play in our relationship.  The content and feedback prepared by our mentors were thoughtful, insightful and detailed.  The various topics and the format challenged us to explore of knowledge and learn more about Jesus.  This is a class I wish I took when I was younger!!

Her: It guided us to grow deeper in our faith, to open up and continue conversations about our future and our family. This class was so detailed and thoughtful. We hope we can review these lessons when any struggles arise in our future! We both have said we would have loved to have a course like this offered to us when we were single and searching for one another.

Both: This course really helped us grow in our faith, deepen our relationship with Jesus and prepare to receive the Sacrament of Marriage. We would highly encourage the Catholic Church to create a course with younger people in mind! College age students and young adults who are still single and should hear some of these important messages. Perhaps incorporating young Catholic couples to encourage people to stay strong in their faith. We both lost our way as young people and wish so deeply that a course of this nature had been made available to us.  Jacqueline even went to a Catholic college and that would have been an ideal opportunity to expose a course like this to a wide audience of young Catholics.


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