They showed through their responses that although they hadn't met us, they cared about our marriage prep

May 1st Michael and Krista – Greensburg, PA - “It challenged us to think about life and marriage on a more spiritual level. We never considered many of the things we learned.”

Him: The course was very insightful and inspiring to challenge both of us both spiritually and intellectually.  We learned a lot about the faith, but a lot more about each other through the questions posed through this course about topics we as a couple do not talk about frequently.

Her: I appreciated learning that the Catholic faith is not as scary as I once thought.

Both: It helped us to strengthen our faith - mostly together. It is something we have been wanting to do for a while but this course helped to solidify that want.

May 2nd Roland and Sandra – Fresno, CA - “We are so glad to learn about marriage together and grow.”

Him: This course has made me realized the importance of keeping God and faith big. It allowed me to see many things as to what marriage is really about.

Her: It helped me not think about small things it made me realize what marriage is. Which marriage is something that will be forever and we need to know to work things out and always have patience. I think this was a great resource to keep our faith strong and love for God central.

Both: The course this really made us get closer because now we talk about marriage while using God and our faith. We want to make it work and we know we can with the help of God.

May 3rd Michael and Claire – Grand Rapids, MI - “This course was very thorough and covered a lot of important topics relevant to our Catholic Faith and the Sacrament of Marriage.”

Him: Our mentors were extremely thorough with all of their comments on our responses and with everything they wrote to us. They showed through their responses that although they hadn't met us, they cared about our marriage prep.

Her: It helped to remind me of the importance of reading about our faith and learning more beyond daily prayer.

Both: The course helped to prompt conversations and meaningful discussions that we don't always think of talking about on our own.

May 4th Brandon and Amber – Opelousas, LA - “It encouraged us to be more open about our relationship with Christ and the things we need to do to continue to grow in his love.”

Him: This course helped us to dig deeper into our relationship with Christ and each other. The information brought many things to our attention and helped us to strengthen our connection with Christ.

Her: Overall the class was informative and helpful. We did not expect to cover so many things that would make us stop and think. We did not expect to grow in our faith and relationship as we have.

Both: We appreciated taking time as a couple to grow in our connection in Christ. Also, having encouraging and honest guidance as we begin the preparations of our marriage.

May 5th Brian and Alexandra – Las Vegas, NV - “We are excited to enter into this new journey with God in marriage and it reminded us of our faith and our goals to be a better Catholic.”

Him: This class helped us to think about our relationship through God's eyes. Even when Catholic, we so often think of focusing on our relationship through the lens of doing right by the other person and less so doing right by God. These are far from mutually exclusive and entering marriage with God front and center makes me more inclined to make virtuous decisions, be right-minded to start a family, and handle challenges that will come with the best tool kit to emerge stronger as a couple.

Her: This was a great class that really opened up a dialogue between us. I feel we are ready to proceed with our marriage and confident in everything we discussed the past few weeks.

Both: We were hoping the course would not only walk us through the challenges we would anticipate in marriage, but also the ones that most couples probably think will never happen to them. The roots in Church teachings were made clear, and we know that God is present to work us through our marriage, not just in the background.

May 6th Brian and Mary – Baltimore, MD - “It made us understand God’s perspective and expectations of marriage.”

Him: This class made me feel confident in beginning my married life.

Her: It highlighted ideas and topics I had not considered in getting ready to be married. I feel much more educated and prepared to get married and continue our life together in the church.

Both: It gave us ideas of what topics we need to communicate about. We thought we had talked about most things and this course gave us more ideas and ideas on how to work through complications.



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