We really liked that we got to discuss the concepts privately

May 7th Michael and Analiza – Detroit, MI - “The course allowed us to discuss our role and expectations as husband and wife, parents, and most of all, disciples of Christ.”

Him: I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know, and it challenged me to view things from a different perspective.

Her: It helped us that this is a good start to discuss our future journey as we enter the beginning of our marriage life.

Both: We appreciated how deep we dug into our faith, and the reasons why the church teaches what she teaches. There were a few times that we weren’t aware that certain things were so serious.

May 8th Jack and Claire – Tulsa, OK - “These lessons really sparked wonderful conversations about how we see God working in our relationship now and in the future.”

Him: I am excited to keep learning more about the Catholic faith as we go to Mass together. This class was a great introduction to the Catholic faith for me in many ways.

Her: Seeing what answers were on track and which ones we could have filled out more completely really solidified what we learned.

Both: We really liked that we got to discuss the concepts privately, and then share our responses and receive feedback. We were able to really digest the questions and discuss them freely with one another.

May 9th Nicholas and Nicole – Toledo, OH - “This course provided great reminders of God's teachings.”

Him: Class led to great discussion between us and prepared us for marriage.

Her: It gave us valuable questions to discuss and reconnect to God.

Both: We feel like we have had some very good conversations about our goals and our communications and the course helped us anticipate future challenges and opportunities, so we are very thankful for that.

May 10th Saul and Emilee – St. Joseph, MO - “So much growth has already taken place in our relationship as a result of this course.”

Him: We were able to communicate about a lot of really important aspects of our marriage and this was done so in a way that we were actually able to understand and comprehend.

Her: My understanding of God's love for us and what he expects of us has really grown and it has made it easier for me to focus deeper on the readings during Mass and thinking more outside of the box.

Both: We really learned a lot about the true sacrifice and meaning of marriage.

May 11th Dominick and Lindsay – Bethlehem, PA - “Collective and critical thinking together opens deeper dialogue.”

Him: I initially had reservations about taking a course like this online but it exceeded my expectations. I appreciated the connection to God and how it reinforces our faith.

Her: This course was very effective in marriage prep.

Both: Talking with God more is an effective way to renew and build on your faith.

May 12th Michael and Sarah – Phoenix, AZ - “It has ignited us so we can learn more about the Catholic faith and share it with others.”

Him: I appreciated understanding how in God's eyes marriage is viewed (as compared to the “world-view”). Learning that it is literally our task in life to bring life into this world was very gratifying to understand.

Her: This class taught me a lot about the Catholic faith and why marriage is so important. Learning the principles and views of the Catholic Church was most appreciated because I don't believe most people know the views and reasons behind the Catholic faith.

Both: We are most excited to attend Mass together, give back to the church consistently, and invite others to attend with us.

May 13th Ivan and Jelena – St. Louis, MO - “The course brought us closer to God; we are so excited to get married in front of God, the Church and our family!”

Him: I was brought up Catholic, had all my sacraments and attended religion classes regularly and thought I knew everything about the Bible and being a good Catholic. But this course taught me to look at Bible teachings from a different perspective and think about them more deeply.

Her: The thorough explanations to each question, the additional resources that were provided for each lesson and the personal stories our instructors shared made such a difference!

Both: There are a lot of things we were already doing to be active in the faith. However, the program reminded us that we have to keep at it and not let external factors influence our relationship.

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