I took away great new relationship tools and advice to better myself and my marriage

May 31st- Ross and Autumn– Superior WI “The amount of positive feedback we received from our instructors on our answers blew me away and really helped to gain more insight on our faith.

Him: After going through this class, I took away great new relationship tools and advice to better myself and my marriage.
Her: After going through this class, my overall impression of it was that it was very informative and the instructors had outstanding feedback on how to overcome many obstacles couples face.
Both: It definitely improved our communication and made us start thinking about our future on a much more deeper level that we had not previously thought to talk about before this class.

June 1st - Michael and Edna – Memphis, TN “This class reinforced my desired to get closer to God and live the life he intended for me.

Him: The class was well broken up and the instructor was very prompt and helpful throughout. It provides excellent insight into the expectations set forth by the Church and God when it comes to marriage.
Her: I think is was a very good class that provide great insight in what the Catholic Church expects of a marriage and more important what God intended for married couples. I liked the answer keys from our instructors because they provided additional information and increased our conversation around all topics covered.
Both: We appreciate our instructors taking the time to provide great feedback with each lesson. It presented us with the opportunity to talk about a lot of topics that we had been putting off, or had not of thought of discussing.

June 2nd – Greg and Chloe – Pittsburgh, PA The instructors care deeply about our understanding of the material and theology behind the Sacrament of Marriage.”

Him: The course was very thorough and taught us so much. Our instructors were great and accommodating.
Her: The course was detailed and very informative and gave us more perspectives tips and excitement for marriage!
Both: It created a deeper love and connection for us together and separately in coming to this new chapter in our lives!

June 3rd - Daniel and Nicole – Buffalo, NY It showed me that marriage is more than just a legal document!”

Him: It was very insightful and gave me a lot to think about. Marriage is so much more than we initially thought and I am very excited to take this journey with Nicole.
Her: It was very informative. It challenged my knowledge and helped me learn more about what it means to be married in the Church.
Both: We appreciate the insights from our instructors!

June 4th - Azar and Celeste – San Francisco CA I felt the classes covered all of the different areas of Christianity and marriage. Job well done!”

Him: Great introduction to marriage and some of the obstacles, which may present themselves over time. It prepares and gives you an understanding that things will not always be perfect and you must trust in God to help find a solution.
Her: I enjoyed the class very much and all of the feedback provided by the instructors. I think this was a great tool heading into a lifetime commitment.
Both: It was nice to connect with Christ and God on a more spiritual level. We have gone Church in the past, but never embarking on marriage and into a lifetime commitment. This curriculum allowed us to have a more intimate and serious relationship with God as we rely on him for a beautiful marriage.

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