This entire process has exceeded my expectations!

June 7th - Miguel and Mayra – Monterey, CA “It revived my faith by seeking God throughout my day and asking him for help and guidance.

Him: I liked that there was an open dialogue with us and the instructors. The system was easy to use and the instructors were very helpful.
Her: I really enjoyed reading the feedback from our instructors at the end of every section. The feedback was very detailed and expressed in such a loving caring way. We learned through this experience how to connect and keep God in the center always.
Both: We talked about things that we hadn't before such as forgiveness and NFP. It was very meaningful because we were open with each other and honest about what we liked and did not like. Having this communication brought us closer because we reconfirmed that.

June 8th - Jeremy and Katlin – Memphis, TN “This course helped me think of God more in my everyday life and helped me realize more how important God is in our relationship.

Him: It covered areas that I never even considered that a marriage course would go over and provided perspectives that really changed the way I think about things. Very helpful to reflect back on.
Her: It was a great learning experience and helped us grow in our faith by working on this together and finding out more things about each other than we normally would have.
Both: We've had conversations on topics we've never even discussed before, having these were really amazing and surprising.

June 9th – Aaron and Norma – Santa Fe, NM “I was pleasantly surprised by how much information came from this class

Him: This class was not only very informative, but also interesting. Talking through the assignments brought us closer together and brought us items that we haven’t thought of before. It was great to have instructor’s feedback and direction. I would say that everyone should take this class before getting married.

Her: I had a great time working through these assignments, they were interesting and brought us closer together by working through items we hadn’t thought of. This class encompassed all aspects of marriage, from being Christ centered to teaching about budget and planning for the future. I really enjoyed reading the instructor’s feedback and learning new techniques.
Both: I think a lot of time we do things without knowing exactly why. This course taught us the why. Why is it important to have Christ in your marriage? Why is it important to live and believe in the word of the Lord? Each class had its own take away that related back to your faith.

June 10th - Quoc and Meagan – Raleigh, NC “This entire process has exceeded my expectations!

Him: We learned a lot about ourselves and found that there is a lot more to learn still. Our instructors were more than helpful with their in-depth insights and constructive feedback. I find myself excited to continue with the marriage process and looking forward to what the future brings for us and how much closer we can get to God and his church.
Her: This class posed very thoughtful questions and allowed us to learn so much about each other. We appreciated the in-depth feedback received from our instructors following each lesson.
Both: We truly appreciate the amount of effort our instructors have given to us throughout the entire process and cannot thank them enough for their guidance as we move on to the next chapter in our lives. We learned that we still have a long way to go in terms of building our relationship with God and that we have a lifetime together to do so. Thank you for an enlightening program.

June 11th - David and Bethany – Indianapolis, IN “The instructors went above and beyond!

Him: This class was very informative. It gave great examples and explanations on various things church and non-church related. Our instructors were very knowledgeable and gave excellent feedback. I would recommend this class to a futured engaged couple.
Her: This was a great class. It really opened our eyes to a lot of things about marriage we hadn't talked about before. It helped us navigate the difficult the conversations that were needed. It also, helped us open up even more with one another.
Both: We are much more in tune with each other. We plan to communicate even better than before.

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