It surpassed all expectations and more

June 14th - Chad and Alli – Edmonton, AB “It definitely revived my faith!

HimMy plan is to consistently make it to mass so that I can connect with the Lord more and feel his presence. In doing this, I will set habits for my young children to help that they know the Lord better but also build their lives around being active members of our church community.

Her: Our instructors were fantastic to work with - they were so insightful and shared so many valuable things with us. We felt the course covered so many important topics and brought on many valuable conversations.

Both: Very user friendly and well laid out. Seems to cover a lot of the topics before one gets married.  

June 15th - Kevin and Meghan – Rockville Centre, NY “It opened my eyes and made me realize the importance of our faith in our everyday life.

Him: I enjoyed this class very much as it made me think and talk about things that I normally would not have spoken about.  Additionally, I feel more aware of my religious beliefs.

Her: I enjoyed this course.  It was really nice working with our instructors and hearing their insight and feedback on our answer keys.  This course made us as a couple discuss hard topics that will better prepare us for marriage.  While we were both raise in religious families, this course made us realize how important it is to include our faith and religious beliefs in our future family.

Both: We thoroughly enjoyed this course and our instructors! They were very helpful in sharing their own personal experiences with us.  We learned a lot and want to continue our faith as a married couple.

June 16th - Bernard and Barbara – Edmonton, AB “This rekindled and deepened our love for each other and God

Him: I really enjoyed the course. Our instructors were excellent in their responses of guiding us and providing very good feedback.

Her: We were really able to open up and explore many things we haven't had a chance to discuss in detail. Our instructors were very detailed in providing their insight into the steps of the course.

Both: We are now setting a regular schedule where we sit down and talk about our lives together, what we are feeling, and how to express those feelings. It's been a definite improvement as now we make the time to sit and talk!

June 17th - Jonathan and Briana– Norwich, CT “It surpassed all expectations and more

Him: I want to thank our instructors for a wonderful class. They really took the time to elaborate on what it means to be married in the eyes of God, and we both learned a lot. The classes evoked much thoughtfully conversation between us, and spurred some wonderful memoires.

Her: I thought the class was great! Very informative and really gave us a new perspective on entering into our marriage.

Both: The course definitely gave us some more clarity of what it means to be married in the church and we are both excited to get married!

June 18th - Bruno and Ana – Palm Beach, FL “We have communicated more about bible readings and scripture than I ever thought we could.

Him: I really enjoyed the class. I learned so much about my religion as well as what marriage entails. I am very excited to go through this journey with Ana!

Her: I have learned how important religion plays a part in a successful marriage.  We have to love God first in order for both of us to continue falling in love with one another and create a bond that is unbreakable.

Both: The course really challenged us to discuss deep issues and situations that couples are faced with in marriage. It was very reassuring to go through these scenarios and show that we have a shared belief in God.

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