After 7 years of dating, we thought we knew just about everything about each other. We were definitely surprised how much we hadn't shared...

June 21st - Filip and Melissa – Joliet, IL “I learned something new with each lesson”

Him: The class was great. It was well organized and I enjoyed the format of working with instructors who can share experiences from their marriage journey.

Her: I really enjoyed this class. I appreciated that we could work on it on our own time. It led to some really amazing discussions. Some topics we have discussed before, but not quite as in depth. It was great to see that we were like minded on so many topics.

Both: We spent so much time discussing so many topics, some that were very sensitive and controversial, that we probably would not have discussed previously. Not only that but we discussed these topics through the eyes of God. This really brought a new perspective in our life that we plan to continue using from here on out.

June 22nd - Alex and Molly– Madison, WI We were able to really get to know each other on a deeper level”

Him: My overall impression of the course was that it was excellent. This course helped facilitate conversations that we did not know we needed to have. This course also helped ignite our marriage preparation by opening our hearts and mind to God's love for us.

Her: I loved this course. It was awesome to have in depth conversations with my future spouse about our love and faith.

Both: It allowed us to become more passionate about raising our family in the Catholic faith.

June 23rd - Jordan and Aeshia – Denver, CO “This marriage prep was everything I could have asked for and more”

Him: The feedback from our instructors was great and allowed Aeshia and I to really reflect and discuss some really important topics based on what was sent back to us.

Her: I really enjoyed the discussions Jordan and I got to have through this course. We also really enjoyed the feedback our instructors gave us it was so beneficial and it made our relationship a lot stronger.

Both: We learned how to better communicate with our faith in the forefront of our mind to help us in guiding our decisions better as a couple. We also learned more patience with each other and how to be better listeners.

June 24th - Carlos & Victoria – San Francisco, CA “Excellent materials and excellent instructors!”

Him: This marriage prep exceeded my expectations. The questions, readings, and videos were well-thought it. Our instructors were always promptly responded and really read through our answers giving us excellent feedback, always!

Her: This is a wonderful class. We appreciated the thorough and prompt feedback of our instructors. The material and assignments helped us learn a lot.

Both: Thank you for the running this excellent program with teachers who go above and beyond! We are so grateful to have gone through the well-designed course with thoughtful instructors.

June 25th - Matthew and Sarah– Camden, NJ “The course invigorated my faith.”

Him: I was very impressed with the organization and structure of the course. There was clearly a lot of thought and planning behind the lessons, and I was very impressed with the feedback we got from our instructors.

Her: I was extremely impressed with the level of detail the course covers and as well as the explanations/feedback provided in the answer key from our instructors. I also thought there was a good mix of materials related to our faith and relationship with God in addition to our relationship with each other as a couple.

Both: After 7 years of dating, we thought we knew just about everything about each other.  We were definitely surprised how much we hadn't shared specifically about our inner faith and feelings about certain things.  We do feel that we were able to open up during this time spent together and found it very enjoyable!

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