EXCEEDED my expectations. I never thought I'd be so engaged doing the course online

Jimmy and Tina – Diocese of Colorado Springs, CO

His impression of the prep: The attention to detail was phenomenal. Every week, Tina and I would do a lesson together and would read the feedback from our instructors. We truly enjoyed the work and the thought our instructors put into their feedback to us.

Her impression of the prep: Thank you for such a thorough course! I enjoyed the go-at-your-own-pace aspect. Jimmy and I are both busy individuals (who isn't now!) and we would do a lesson when we had the head-space and the true time to do a good job and think through the questions together. I'm glad we didn't have to rush through anything just to get it done! We really got a lot out of it and will be a better couple because of this course.
Did it meet his expectations: Absolutely. I didn't have many expectations since this is the first (and last) time I'll be married, but it's been a thought-provoking course to go through with Tina.

Did it meet her expectations: Of course! It was a very insightful course for both of us and challenged us. We were surprised at how deep it made us think together, and it was well worth-while to dig at the questions and really glean the goodness from them.

Beto and Luz – Diocese of Sacramento CA

His impression of the prep: Our instructors were tremendously insightful and helped us gain a lot of knowledge when it comes to marital relationships, family, the church and prayer. I am very grateful we took this course. 

Her impression of the prep: Our instructors havebeen extremely helpful in helping us complete the program.  Their feedback has helped us gain so much more knowledge about God, family, and prayer, and what marriage is all about.  We have deepened our understanding of marriage tremendously and they have given us resources that will help us have a happy, connect loving marriage.
Did it meet his expectations: It exceeded our expectations -- we have learned so much!
Did it meet her expectations: Absolutely -- Our instructorswent above and beyond in explaining every answer in further detail and they provided so many resources that we will definitely be using.  Thank you for the fantastic work that you do!

Valente and Theresa – Diocese of Sioux City, IA

His impression of the prep: If I had to describe in one word, I'd say satisfying. This course has helped me give clarity to the right vision of marriage in the eyes of God. I feel like I have gained incredible insight from our instructors and felt comfortable opening up about our private life.
Her impression of the prep: I was pleasantly surprised with the content of this course! I really enjoyed having an instructor couple walk us through and really break down every answer on the assignment.
Did it meet his expectations: EXCEEDED my expectations. I never thought I'd be so engaged doing the course online, if I am being honest. The answers and attention from our instructors made this a very personal experience.
Did it meet her expectations: It definitely exceeded expectations. I really enjoyed connecting with our instructors, they made this experience feel like a conversation with friends.


Kevin and Sunnavy – Diocese of Salt Lake City, UT

Impacted his Faith: It revived my faith through education and the understanding of God's works in a Catholic sacred marriage.
Impacted her Faith: This course gave me a deeper understanding of our faith and brought me and Kevin closer. We connected on a deeper level spiritually, it was wonderful. I really enjoyed this.
His parish life plan: Pray and go to church.

Her parish life plan: Our goal is to pray more with our kids and make sure we pray at dinner every evening together. Kevin and I have already incorporated praying at night together right before bed. We also want to attend mass more and participate in church activities when we can.


Brian and Caitlan – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

Impacted his Faith: It encouraged me to continue to explore the faith more. It also provided more context to some of the teachings that I was aware of, but didn't understand.
Impacted her Faith: It did! It really encouraged me to be more intentional with my faith journey and inspired me to get back to the church teachings, explore topics further and re-center our lives on Christ and the Church.
His parish life plan: Joining for mass, potentially exploring religious education or RCIA.

Her parish life plan: I would love to get back to participating in the mass either as a eucharistic minister or lector. I would love to help teach religious education or assist with coordination and/or planning events.


Stephen and Taylor – Diocese of Lafayette, LA

Impacted his Faith: I think the course really helped me highlight the areas that I can improve my faith life through increased effort and involvement in the church. It brought to light some really good ways to incorporate my natural abilities and gifts into my faith life, and some really good practices to get into to make practicing your faith a more regular occurrence in daily life.
Impacted her Faith: This course certainly showed me some areas where my faith life could use some improving, and fortunately it also provided some really good guidelines on how I can improve it. The discussions and topics covered really opened my eyes to some things that I had never thought about in particular ways, and that new perspective really brought out some good ideas that I can use to become closer to God.His parish life plan:We aim to become more involved together through supporting each other in our faith lives and encouraging regular practicing of our faith. I would really like to get into better habits of regular prayer, and I would like to become more involved in our church community in whatever I may be able to help out with given my skills.

Her parish life plan: Through this course we learned some really good ways to not only become more involved in our church lives through the offerings of our skills and abilities, but also how to better support each other during the effort to better our involvement in the church. I plan to support him in whatever ways I can and encourage more active participation together.


Anthony and Janet  Diocese of Sacramento, CA

How did it better your commutation: We feel that before our communication was great, but after going through these classes our communication is stronger as a couple. For Anthony, he's a lot more open.

Appreciated most by him: I appreciated all the feedback that was given after each assignment that was given. I'm very happy that we took these classes together. I'm just in awe of everything I've got to learn. I am truly excited for our special day to come!

Appreciated most by her: I very much appreciated how quick our instructor’s feedback was with our assignments.


Connor and Jaeden  Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN

How did it better your commutation: It improved our communication and allowed us to become more open with one anothe. Some of the topics that were brought up weren't necessarily talked about that in-depth before so we got the chance to actually sit down and discuss our thoughts. It helped us to come up with ideas and plans on how to have a successful marriage and pass on those traditions to our children one day.

Appreciated most by him: I appreciated that is allowed us be become a stronger couple and discuss important marriage issues it brought us closer to the church. It also will allow us to have a stronger marriage. I can't wait to marry Jaeden!

Appreciated most by her: I appreciated the fact that Connor took this class serious with me and it brought out a more vulnerable to side him then I have seen before. Bringing these topics to light are important and helped us to talk about them and how we would approach certain situations as a married couple. It allowed us to grow closer, and I am even more excited to reach our wedding day.


Alexander and Lauren – Diocese of Allentown, PA

How did it better your commutation: It definitely improved our communication. By completing the assignments together, we learned more about how to compromise, sacrifice, and agree on certain things within our conjoined responses. Also, the assignments themselves taught us many different things on how to interact on a human level, and that in and of itself goes a long way towards building communication skills within a relationship.

Appreciated most by him:  I thought the feedback from our instructors were unbelievably thorough. Each answer was so well thought out, providing so many different insights and pieces of wisdom for us to take in, analyze, process, and apply to our own situations. I could tell that our instructors truly cared about our path towards Marriage, and they were legitimately the greatest mentors ever as we prepare to take our next big step.

Appreciated most by her: I would agree with Alex; it was feedback from our instructors. They were so specific and uniquely curtailed towards our answers, helping us understand where we were might have been thinking wrong (steering us back in the right direction), and reinforcing thought processes and other understandings to help us keep creating the foundation of our Marriage. I was definitely blown away by the course as a whole. Not only were the assignments interesting, they taught me so much about some very important pillars of faith, Marriage, God, and morality. These are human elements that bring about the good in the world, the good in each other, and how we follow Christ's footsteps to be the best versions of ourselves. 

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