Wonderful course! Our mentors were so helpful and amazing

June 28th – Mark and Caitlin – Detroit, MI “It encouraged me to have a deeper relationship with God”

Him: I had an excellent impression of this class. The conversations we had as a result helped us grow as a couple and we both learned a lot. I also enjoyed developing a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith throughout this course.
Her: I really enjoyed this course as it helped us to have meaningful and important conversations that I don’t think we would have had outside this class. We both learned a lot and I know it helped us grow closer as a couple.
Both: Wonderful course! Our mentors were so helpful and amazing, and we thoroughly enjoyed each assignment throughout the course.

June 29th – Kevin and Allison – Duluth, MN “There were a lot of opportunities to grow closer as a couple”

Him: It was very informative and the feedback from our instructors was personable. We developed a stronger connection in our faith and feel even more prepared for the journey of marriage.
Her: Our instructors did an amazing job helping us through the class! We learned a lot from doing the assignments, but their feedback helped us better understand things we may not have been very familiar with and they also gave us a lot of personalized feedback and resources. We feel we are more ready for our marriage and life together!
Both: We learned a lot, not only about the Church's values for marriage but also our own values and how to have a successful marriage.

June 30th - Michael and Abby– Kansas City, KS “This marriage prep made me excited to become a member of the Catholic faith.”

Him: Instructor’s insight was very helpful and thorough.
Her: As someone new to Catholicism, I really appreciated the thorough teachings and explanations to each of the lessons. It was easy to digest and helped our conversations about the faith.
Both: There were a few topics around faith we hadn’t talked about and this gave us the opportunity to do so.

July 1st - Blayne and Kayla – Santa Rosa, CA “Since I am not Catholic, this definitely ignited my desire to get closer to God and the Church.”

Him: Being able to do this at home on our schedule allowed us to work through the sessions conveniently with our busy work schedules.
Her: The ability to do this from the comfort of home was really great. Not only was it easier for us schedule wise, but also allowed us to work through the courses at our own speed, and able to do more "deep dive" discussions.
Both: Our instructor’s feedback and guidance has really been helpful and we really appreciate all that they have done.

July 2nd - Emmanuel and Carina – Sacramento CA “This course has given us so many helpful information to create and build a strong marriage.”

Him: I learned a lot and it was good because it refreshed on things, I like to gain more knowledge on.
Her: I have learned so much with my partner and there were topics that we hadn't discussed, so this course has given us so many helpful information to create and build a strong marriage.
Both: We appreciate all the feedback from our instructors, it definitely helped us understand the questions we weren't sure of.

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