It has taught us that marriage is not just two of us- but three, including Jesus

July 5th – Doo Hyun and Jihee – Houston, TX “It reminds us of the importance of good communication”

Him: Excellent training with the right blend of theology and practical techniques to achieve happy marriage.
Her: It truly is great to have valuable teaching and interaction with instructors. It was very great opportunity to learn a marriage in Christ and reflect myself in our relationship.
Both: It has taught us that marriage is not just two of us- but three, including Jesus.

July 6th – Alexis and Ilaria– Peoria, IL “This course renewed my desire to get closer to God and His Church”

Him: This class gave me a clearer understanding of what the Catholic Church teaches and why. As the non-Catholic half of the couple, I learned so much through this class via the readings, videos and passages. Applying what I learned by answering questions, communicating with my partner and having deep discussions about important topics makes me feel like I'm more prepared than before to start married life.
Her: I think this class was really important to take as we embark in the new stage in our life as a married couple. It was so thorough, covering topics from the teachings in the Bible, to natural family planning and what it really means to complete the sacrament of marriage. It was really beneficial because it gave us time to discuss important topics in life and more deeply learn about each other.
Both: It revive our faith because this course taught us a lot about the teachings of the Church and how it can improve our lives as we are starting our family.

July 7th – Harry and Mia – Harrisburg, PA “It absolutely revived my faith!”

Him: I though it was extremely enlightening and promoted positive growth both individually and as a soon-to-be married couple.
Her: The classes were something we looked forward to when we sat down to do them. We enjoyed the challenging yet rewarding conversations and discussions that allowed us to grow in our relationship with each other and in God.
Both: Our plans as a married couple is to participate in parish life including attending weekly masses and reconciliation, along with attending parish functions to become closer to our parish and the community around us.

July 6th – Evan and Itzel – San Antonio, TX It was so insightful and I connected to the material so much.”

Him: This class is excellent in providing contextual background and insight into the sacrament of marriage. I was constantly learning new things and I feel better prepared for our next step in life.
Her: I was so surprised with the amount of feedback and insight provided to us. This class has taught me new techniques in communicating with my spouse.  I am grateful we had the opportunity to have learned so much in our preparations for marriage.
Both: It has showed us new techniques on how to address our problems or concerns with each other.

July 9th – Arnold and Thuyen – San Jose, CA “I appreciate the instructors”

Him: I was very interested in this heartfelt course and assignments from instructors! The teachings that were so good that I felt emotional with happiness. I was touched from the teachings because it taught me some valuable lessons and how to live a healthy and wealthy successful marriage.
Her: I realized that a successful marriage comes with a lifetime commitment that you make from the bottom of your heart and not what you do.
Both: It has improved my communication of getting a better understanding in life and learning from each other's as well as the instructor’s experiences.

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