I really enjoyed the fact that we're able to go at our own pace

July 12th – Matt and Amelia –Corpus Christi, TX “It exceeded my expectations!”

Him: The course was incredible and taught us a great deal about marriage, sacramentally and practically.  We really appreciated the input from our instructors.  It makes entering into marriage seem a little less daunting when you have good people to guide you to becoming a good husband and wife.
Her: It was very thorough and our instructors worked to make it personal. It helped us reflect on necessary questions about marriage and our faith together. We are planning on printing our answer keys and saving them because they have such wonderfully presented answers in them!
Both: It added fire to our desire to be close to God and practice our faith together as a couple.

July 13th – Keegan and Brooklyn – Peoria, IL “It definitely brought us back close to the church again.”

Him: It definitely brought us closer together as a couple and gave us some more ideas to work on. Thanks to our instructors they did a great job.
Her: We learned a lot more about catholic marriage and what example we are supposed to follow. Instructors had excellent feedback.
Both: The questions were very deep and made us discuss things we never have before.

July 14th – Darian and Toni – Singapore, Asia “It revived my faith”

Him: The course was well-rounded about learning more about our faith such as, what is our conscience and how to form it with our faith. It also taught me more about marriage within our faith. The worksheets were very in-depth and made me question myself and made me think more.
Her: The worksheets were in-depth and we got to learn more about what we each understand about God and our faith and what we expect from our marriage. We also got to learn what the Church teaches about God, our faith, and marriage. The replies from our instructors were very helpful in helping us understand WHY the Church teaches what it teaches.
Both: It made us share more in-depth as a couple, as we don't have many chances to speak in-depth or we don't really know what to share in-depth with each other sometimes. This was a good structured opportunity to share about our faith and what we think of our future.

July 15th – Paul and Allison – Pittsburgh, PA “We have become more mindful about active listening”

Him: I really enjoyed the fact that were able to go at our own pace. We never felt rushed with any of the assignments, which helped us to relax and fully engage in the discussions. Additionally, we were able to spend more time on the topics that we felt we needed to.
Her: I agree with Paul, I definitely enjoyed the flexibility of the online courses and being able to freely discuss the content in the comfort of our own homes.
Both: We have definitely learned a lot and these lessons have further validated our love for each other and Christ. We are looking forward to using these tools as we navigate married life and grow our faith. Thank you!

July 16th – Ross and Julia – Pittsburgh, PA “It allowed us to have more in depth conversations”

Him: I felt the course was excellent because the instructors really spent time answering our questions and gave great feedback to our answers.
Her: I felt this course was also excellent because the instructors were great! They answered many questions I had on certain topics that our controversial in our culture. This helped provide further insight instead of just saying something is supported or not supported in the catholic faith.
Both: Made us realize how important it is for us to continue to grow together as a couple and that letting God into our marriage will only strengthen our relationship.

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