I'm glad we took this class and it's truly made us a stronger couple than before!

July 19th - Darryl and Maria – Santa Rosa, CA “I feel that the course revived my faith”

Him: I was impressed with the amount of information I learned. This class provided me with a lot of valuable information on God, the Church, NFP, etc. From beginning to end, I was learning so much about the Sacrament of Matrimony and reflecting on my own marriage. Each class was enjoyable and I had so much fun doing this alongside my wife. The classes allowed us to communicate and talk about subjects we don't normally talk about. I'm glad we took this class and it's truly made us a stronger couple than before!
Her: The class met my expectations and really allowed me to do a thorough analysis of my faith and expectations for God within our lives now that we are getting married. I was able to learn a lot about how God wants us to follow in his teachings and how to problem solve some issues that may occur during our marriage.
Both: The course helped improve our communication because we were having more conversations about our faith and what we see our relationship with God evolving into. It also allowed us to start talking about how we will bring God into our relationship and foster our faith. I feel that the communication came naturally and allowed us to really take a moment to sit down and decompress after work and really put thought into the questions we were answering.

July 20th - Horacio and Maria – Stockton, CA “This course has made me reflect on how much God has given me”

Him: The instructors were very helpful every step of the way. They gave insight into what it means to get married and to bring God into your marriage. They responded very quick, when we submitted assignments. They always provided a lot of resources and reading to help us understand the lessons. They were great!
Her: Myoverall impression of this class is that the instructors work alongside us to learn and discuss the materials. The instructor’s examples and life experiences were very helpful in making things more concrete. Sometimes it was difficult to think of our own examples or scenarios but the instructor’s experiences added depth to the course.
Both: This course made us face things about our relationship we had been avoiding. But by facing them now we are better prepared for marriage.

July 21st – Lance and Heather – Honolulu, HI “This class is so informative and rich with wealthy information.”

Him: I enjoyed this class tremendously. It has taught me so much about being a better husband in our marriage.
Her: This class has opened my eyes on the religious component of marriage. I will treasure it always and go back on the things that I have learned in this classwhen my relationship gets rocky.
Both: We will continue to attend masses regularly. We will volunteer more in church activities.

July 22nd – John and Madeline – Indianapolis, IN “This revived my faith immensely”

Him: Our instructors were amazing to work with, and we are so happy we were paired with them. They offered great insight and in-depth responses to the answers we had on our worksheets. They were also incredible at getting back to us in a speedy manner. We were super impressed and happy to have been paired with them!
Her: We are so happy we took this class, and we feel super lucky to have our instructors. This course was great for both of us to go through together, but I think for me especially, since I didn't grow up Catholic or go to church very often. This course helped educate me on the teachings of the church but also helped us start a foundation for our plan in the church. Our instructors were wonderful to work with. They were so sweet and helpful with their responses in the "answer key." They would always encourage us with our answers but also help us learn more and think about different ideas when we needed them. Cannot say enough great thing about our instructors
Both: We have vowed to start giving 10% to our church and making Sunday mass a subject we look forward to. We have prioritized praying before every meal and trying our best to start and end every day with prayer together.

July 23rd – Evan and Katie – Charleston, SC “Made me realize the importance of matrimony as a sacrament.”

Him: Flexible with time requirements. The instructors were very responsive and in-depth. Great feedback that was unique to our situation/answers.
Her: The instructors were wonderful; their answers were very thoughtful and applicable to our unique circumstances. The virtual version was helpful to complete on our own time.
Both: It made us talk about things that we had never discussed prior. It educated my Evan on being Catholic.

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