We loved our instructors!

July 26th - Pete and Adriana – New York, NY “It exceeded my expectations”

Him: I found it very interesting and helpful that covered a lot of very serious topics.  It gave me a lot to think about in terms of marriage, God, and my expectations and goals going forward as we enter this sacrament.
Her: It opened my eyes and helped me understand on a deeper level what the expectations of marriage are in our religion and how it is applicable to present day interactions with people and communication with my partner.
Both: We appreciate this course and thought our instructors/counselors were fantastic and incredibly supportive to us on this journey.

July 27th - Noe and Crystal – Sacramento, CA “I'm now committed to going deeper in my faith and doing it together.”

Him: This course was a great experience! We had a wonderful instructor to guide us and it helped to understand the importance of committing to one another and our faith through marriage. I really enjoyed the readings, the videos, and the different references. This taught me a lot about the church and the importance of having God in our life.
Her: This course taught us to get closer to one another, our faith, and God. The material was easy to understand and we enjoyed the questions through the assignments. This allowed for deep conversations. Our instructors were truly a blessing! They really went deep in explaining the content and the commitment we are taking in our matrimony.
Both: It certainly improved our communication. We were really open with one another and we shared things that we never shared before. We looked forward to our time together and having religious conversations. We also loved determining our life goals together, with God, Christ, and the Church.

July 28th - Christian and Alexa – Allentown, PA “I truly appreciated how this class opened up more about my faith”

Him: I thought the class was very well thought out and it was a very pleasant experience. I learned quite a lot about marriage and aspects that I didn't even realize were a major part of a marriage.
Her: I truly felt that each lesson in this class greatly covered any and every possible area we could have a question or concern about regarding our future together and in keeping God very present in our lives.
Both: We learned so much about ourselves and about our relationship between the two of us and with God which was very eye-opening. We definitely took away many things from this class!

July 29th – Wil and Samantha – Patterson, NJ “I was very impressed with the topics that were covered.”

Him: This course was very helpful and I really liked incorporating God into our marriage prep. We learned a lot about each other and our relationship with God.
Her: I found the course to be extremely thorough and touching on very important aspects of marriage in the church. It has better prepared me for my marriage to Wil and I feel confident entering matrimony with him.
Both: This was such a great course and we really enjoyed working with instructors. They are great mentors and we look forward to having a successful marriage like theirs! We feel prepared and confident approaching our wedding in the next few months and we will continue to use what we learned going forward through our marriage.

July 30th - Oscar and Lynda– Dallas, TX “It allowed us to learn to hear each other.”

Him: Great communication, and feedback was given throughout the marriage prep.
Her: We loved our instructors! They were such great instructors who gave proper knowledge on how to be successful on our marriage. We loved how after we received our answer keys we felt as if they were personally reading it over with us.
Both: Since moving to Dallas we haven't been going to church as much, and after we started this marriage prep it got us to attended again.

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