I felt like God was really there with us during these classes

August 2nd - Gregory and Punnida – Singapore, Asia “It made me closer to God”

Him: We learned a lot from this course and appreciate the personalized feedbacks to our answers from our instructors. I think the beauty of this course is that it allows us to complete it at our own time - which was excellent with our hectic work and family schedule.
Her: This course allowed me to learn more about God and marriage, way more than what I expected.
Both: This course led us to discuss many topics about love, family, marriage and God. It definitely brought us closer as a couple, and with God.

August 3rd - Mitchell and Savanah – La Crosse, WI “It revived my faith”

Him: My overall impression of this class was that our instructors are really good mentors to young couples that are going to get married. They shared examples of things that they do in their relationship to strengthen their bond with each other that we have never thought of. For a long term relationship to work, I believe it's best to follow guidance from a couple that is so successful.
Her: Very thorough responses/answers from our instructors that made us rethink things, learn about the Lord, and the churches beliefs and values.
Both: This course helped us find the importance of Christ again and growing our son up to love his faith.

August 4th - Jesus and Evelyn – Galveston-Houston, TX “This course made me feel excited to learn more about God”

Him: I enjoyed taking the preparation class online. I found it very easy and convenient due to it being able to work on it at your own pace. Our instructors were amazing and helpful and they gave us good feedback on each topic.
Her: I personally enjoyed taking this marriage preparation class online. I found it to be very convenient to be able to work at our own time and pace. This allowed us to have time and sit down together as a couple to really focus on each assignment we were given. Our instructors were very helpful in giving us detailed feedback about understanding each topic thoroughly.
Both: We believe that it brought us closer to each other as a couple. We were able to spend more time together and reflect about God and our faith. We were able to discuss certain topics in depth and bring us closer to each other, the church, and God.

August 5th – Leotis and Marisela – Denver, CO “It has brought me closer to the Church.”

Him: I’m notCatholic, but now am wanting to change my religion to Catholic because this course really made me understand the religion in so many other ways. It was great to have the course open up my mind to other options.
Her: The course was so helpful in understanding everything that comes with getting married through the Catholic Church! Our instructors were amazing through the entire course showing us examples and leading us in the right path! They made us feel comfortable with being who we are and giving great examples of the Church that we look forward to including those lessons in our marriage.
Both: We learned more than we thought and are so glad we got all the information!                                                                               

August 6th - Casey and Allison – Galveston-Houston, TX “I felt like God was really there with us during these classes”

Him: We loved how through our instructors were with helping us understand more about God being involved in our marriage.
Her: We both have learned a lot more about each other from this class and feel more ready than ever to be married.
Both: We want to thank our instructors for being part of our marriage journey!! They have helped us grow closer to God and each other.

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