This course made us become closer spiritually

August 9th - Michael and Kellie – Rockville Centre, NY “This course made us become closer spiritually”

Him: I believe each question had a very purposeful reasoning to be on the course. It made me think deep and truly embrace this experience.
Her: This class has been so helpful and amazing. Each questions made you think deep within and having our instructor’s feedback was extremely helpful. It was a way to first express our thoughts, but then to read and analyze their viewpoints really helped us through this process.
Both: It truly helped us connect so much on a spiritual level. we look forward to keeping our faith throughout our marriage and life!

August 10th– David and Christine – Oakland, CA “Our mentors were amazing!”

Him: This class was amazing! It helped talk through some difficult topics and issues along with helping us plan for the future. I really enjoyed every aspect and our mentors!
Her: This class allowed us to have thoughtful conversations about our future together as a married couple. We also really appreciated the thoughtful feedback from our mentors.
Both: We communicate very well as a couple, but I think the depth of conversations this class fostered was very appreciated by both of us.

August 11th - Julian and Morgan – Military services, USA “I feel like I became closer to God and my spouse during this class.”

Him: It was very informative and fulfilling for me. I've learned a bit more not only about myself but also my spouse, and the catholic faith. I loved it all.
Her: Excellent! Our instructors were amazing mentors and helped us along the way and shared the best advice, guidance and helped us understand in such a way that we can easily implement different things into our relationship and marriage. This class helped us have deeper and meaningful conversations on many subjects and brought us even closer to God and each other.
Both: We just wanted to thank our instructors for their time and effort they spent guiding us through this class. They made such an impact with their advice, personal stories and guidance and we feel even more confident now moving into our marriage!

August 12th - Fernando and Clarissa – Laredo, TX “We are forever grateful for all of your help and advice.”

Him: The entire course was great. Each and every assignment we learned more about each other and about God.
Her: All of our questions and answers were personally and deeply reviewed by our instructors. I appreciate the amazing feedback and how into detail the responses were.
Both: It definitely helped us open up to each other more about our feelings, our issues and what we expect out of a healthy marriage. Our communication has gotten so much better than before.

August 13th - Ken and Sara – Rockville Centre, NY “It was extraordinarily insightful”

Him: This program helped me understand that the Bible, and our Faith, holds much more information and guidance regarding marriage than I had realized.  It provided Sara and I a chance to work together and determine what is truly important to us and our marriage.
Her: I really appreciated the one-on-one style interaction that we got to have with our instructors. I also appreciated the time that they put into their responses, their personable attitude with personal anecdotes and styles of their own, and their commitment to providing us with more information to delve deeper throughout the course.
Both: We learned a lot about the Faith, marriage, and each other and we will keep you in our prayers as well.


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