August 16th - Jonathan and JamiLee – Rockville Centre, NY “I appreciated that we had help from our instructors”

Him: I was not sure what to expect from this class but I was pleasantly surprised. It covered all the topics that most couples probably do not talk about in private and it really made us open us to one another to discuss things that may be difficult to discuss. We learned a lot more about one another on a much deeper level.
Her: This course was very detailed and informative. The fact that we had another couple working along the side of us really made it that much better because when I thought I had a good understanding of what we just read and spoke about, they were able to add even more insight on the topics to really break it down for us to understand better.
Both:The course reminded us how important it is to keep God in your heart and in our home. He will never fail us and will always be there to guide you along in life. It reminded us that we aren't alone through this journey of life.

August 17th - Tyler and Morgan – Rockford, IL “I plan to attend Mass with my fiancé more frequently now”

Him: This course was great because we could work on it at our own pace. Our instructors were awesome to work with.
Her: Our instructors were great to work with by being timely on their responses, providing great insight on all of our assignments, and always giving great feedback on our answers. I would also like to note that with COVID-19 pandemic, this was a great alternative to complete this course online instead of having to meet in person.
Both: This course gave us the platform to have certain conversations we would not otherwise have had before we got married.

August 18th - Jesus and Stephanie – Venice, FL “I feel much closer to Christ”

Him: This marriage prep has opened my eyes and has strength my relationship with Christ. I’ve learned so much regarding the goals and expectations of marriage and hope to accomplish all of our goals and continue to love and respect one another.
Her: I developed an appreciation for the course for giving me a deeper understanding of what to expect and what to bring forward in my own marriage. There were many key elements that I believe are important to remember throughout my marriage to have a healthy relationship.
Both: We see that Christ is everywhere all the time. Being able to seek guidance and wisdom from him knowing that no matter how we have behaved, he will always love, forgive and guide us through thick and thin.

August 19th - Thomas and Vicky – San Bernadino, CA “It helped us do these things together for first time.”

Him: Overall it was a great experience. I learned so much from the curriculum and the instructors. I have better knowledge of the scriptures and the how sacred the sacrament of marriage is.
Her: I was very impressed with the curriculum. The instructor’s input was very helpful to us. I was brought to tears on multiple occasions as I felt the presence of the Lord during our process.
Both: It helped us talk more openly about our faith. Understanding that praying together and growing in life is a lot of work and it takes gait in God to be successful.

August 20th – Jeffrey and Kara – Dallas, TX Exceeded my expectations”

Him: The content was insightful and straightforward. It challenged me to think deeper and really explore why we are making the choices we are.
Her: Even though we are already civilly married, I learned so much during this class. The feedback from our instructors was meaningful and very informative. The material was great to create conversation between us and helpus explore our relationship.
Both: It was a good program, and we are better Catholics for participating in it.