August 23rd - Austin and Caitlin– Helena, MT “We learned a lot about each other through this experience.”

Him: This class was great for Caitlin and I because we got to ask questions and have lengthy discussions leading up to the wedding. This class broke down what getting married is truly all about and we are so thankful we had the opportunity to take this class together.
Her: Really eye-opening class. We got to discuss lots of new topics together we have yet to dive into. I believe we became closer to God not only as individuals but as a couple.
Both: It was great to get another perspective and really dive deep into these important topics to set up our marriage for success.

August 24th - Edgar and Mina – Toronto, AB “I would highly recommend this marriage prep”

Him: I loved the course overall because of how its organized. The course being online also helps to do the exercises when you are available. The mentors to check and respond to the answers in 24 hours is also great!
Her: The experience overall was amazing! I learned lessons about various topics in the bible and the course material makes you think into various aspects of the marriage. Plus, our instructors were amazing!
Both: This course was very helpful to us and will be key to whenever we need to go back and reflect on things or ways to improve.

August 25th – Ty and Kelsey – San Antonio, TX “This course set a fire on the inside of me to be the best version of myself”

Him: This course was so great. I feel like this course strengthened our relationship for each other and with God. It was great learning about things that are necessary for a healthy and successful marriage through the Catholic Church. I am so glad we took this class.
Her: I'm so thankful to have taken this course together as we prepare for our upcoming marriage. It gave us the opportunity to learn more about each other and learn more about our faith. We thought and talked through circumstances we hadn't talked about before. I'm thankful the Catholic Church offers this and so glad we did this course.

Both: We appreciate spending time together and strengthening our relationship through this course.

August 26th - Phat and Thuy – San Jose, CA “I appreciate how supportive the instructors were”

Him: It was refreshing to revisit these topics with the fresh lens of marriage. I couldn't have asked for a more supportive and wise instructors!
Her: The assignments were a great way to introduce old and new topics but it's the responses from our instructors that made this marriage prep earned a 10/10.  They really made us think and made us apply what we learned to following assignments.
Both: It's refreshing to engage with God in this way, which sparks our interest in finding other ways to be a part of our Catholic community.

August 27th – David and Sydney – Memphis, TN “I found the online format to be extremely productive and helpful.”

Him: This online marriage prep was a perfect way for Sydney and me to prepare for our marriage.  The convenience of completing the sessions remotely was perfect for our schedules.
Her: I appreciated the feedback from our instructors given for each session.  It was a good blend of teaching points and personalized comments.
Both: The course introduced topics that we may have talked around-but not intentionally addressed.  Completing the assignments forced us to share our points of view.