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Christopher and Emily - Archdiocese of Mobile, AL
His impression of the prep: I enjoyed the thought-provoking topics/questions. It caused us to talk about certain things in a way we hadn't done yet. The feedback was extremely supportive yet guided us when weren't 100% certain. It really felt as though our instructors valued or opinions.
Her impression of the prep: I thought our instructors did an excellent job of guiding us through the lessons, providing feedback, and giving us perspectives to think and talk about. I think that the program overall was thought-provoking and accomplished the thoughts the church wanted to convey without being overwhelmed with tasks.
Did it meet his expectations: Yes, it more than met my expectation. The act of us sitting down once a week to discuss our faith and commitment to each other made us want to continue this trend even without the class.

Did it meet her expectations: Yes, I felt surprised by some of the overall subjects included in this program, and overall was pleased with the conversations we had as a result of what we learned.

Craig and Emily - Diocese of Palm Beach, FL
His impression of the prep: This class was very thorough of course in providing teachings regarding our faith and the Sacrament of Marriage, but it also incorporated a plentiful amount of general marriage advice, useful tools to help us through our marriage, and offered various resources for advice and help when needed during our marriage.
Her impression of the prep: I think this has been a great class. Our instructors have provided great insight from their own experiences.
Did it meet his expectations:
I actually think this course went beyond my expectations. I was somewhat surprised to discover how in depth this course dives into the Catholic teachings of marriage, exploring every word and concept surrounding the sacrament. I believe because of this, we got more out of attending this online course than we would have going to a one-day, 8 hours, in person class. I was also surprised to see how much critical thinking this course required. Each lesson and assignment were thought-provoking, and definitely required a great amount of introspection. Our instructors were great! They were both very informative, punctual in responses, caring, and they both offered great advice. They also helped us begin to interpret some of the scriptures differently than how we thought, which was a huge help when exploring the nuances of the sacrament.

Did it meet her expectations: Yes, it definitely met my expectations as it provided a lot more learning about the sacrament with the additional readings, links, and videos and tying it in with scripture, too.

Luke and Ngoc – Diocese of Allentown
His impression of the prep: This course provided us with the tools to live as a successful married couple. It also provided us with time to reflect on ourselves and to reflect on the important prompts we were asked to respond to. I had the chance to study insightful passages from the Bible that I think will be very helpful for managing our future lifestyle as spouses. Ngoc and I learned a lot about each other, and I have never felt more prepared to be married, and we know that God will be there with us through our journey. The feedback provided to us by our instructors were supportive, insightful, and helpful. Their assistance through this course is a major reason I feel like the course was so crucial for Ngoc and my marital journey.
Her impression of the prep: I have learned a lot throughout this course. We got a chance to get to know each other better as well because we had different topics to discuss throughout all the assignments. These assignments help us understand who we are, what our goals as a couple as well as what the purposes of a marriage are, and how we can improve our relationship with one another every day.
Did it meet his expectations: I really didn’t know what to expect coming into this course. My first impression was somewhere along the lines of this could be pretty helpful, but I’m not too sure. As the course continued, I realized how deep and meaningful each assignment was to our relationship. Having the support of our instructors gave me a sense of assuredness and validation. Overall, the course far exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to any of my friends when they choose to get married in the future.
Did it meet her expectations: The course was actually higher than my expectations. I did not expect the course to cover so many valuable lessons for us. I have read and learned a lot about the Bible, however, I did not capture all the meanings of some of the verses until I enrolled in this course. I believe it is important that couples should consider taking the course to learn more about God and about themselves before they decide to marry each other.

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Parish Life

Tom and Lindsay – Archdiocese of St. Louis

Impacted his Faith: I feel it revived my desire to get closer to God. This course brought me back to my younger days going through PSR and reminded me why having faith is so important. It also inspired me to start attending mass on a more regular basis than I have in the past few years. I look forward to making God and his Church a keystone of our marriage!
Impacted her Faith: Yes, the questions of reading a scripture and interrupting its meaning help me realize that reading scripture is very beneficial in building a strong faith.  This is one area where I have never been strong in, but after a few courses, I feel like I grew and learned a lot so I would like to continue this practice on my own going forward.
His parish life plan: I plan to volunteer some of my time to our local parish. I think this will help me feel more connected with the parish and our community as a whole. I also plan to do more scripture reading and continue to pray on a regular basis.

Her parish life plan:  I plan on keeping my faith strong and a top priority.  I will continue to pray often and attend services.  I think one thing I plan on doing differently is reading more scripture.  That is the one aspect that I have always struggled with, but I feel like it can be very beneficial in my faith.

Julian and Morgan – Archdiocese for the Military services, USA

Impacted his Faith: Yes, this class revived my faith and my desire to be closer to God. Its made me understand certain things a little bit better within the Catholic religion, and drives me to attend mass more regularly and to continue my daily prayers and to pray with my wife and teach our future kids the teachings of the church.
Impacted her Faith: This class has made me realize even more how important it is to have God first in our marriage and how important praying together and with our future family is. Its revived me desire to get more involved in the church and has confirmed my desire to raise our family with a solid foundation of Christ.
His parish life plan: We will attend Mass together and as a family weekly if possible. I will make prayer with my wife and family part of our daily routine. I will also attend confession and we will observe the holy days of obligation.

Her parish life plan: Our plans are to attend mass weekly and to go to confession more often. We plan to actively pray as a couple and to raise our children in the church, receiving all of their sacraments. We plan to have God first in our marriage and becoming more involved in parish life will help that.

Brandon and Jillian – Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY

Impacted his Faith: I use to attend Mass and religion as a kid and didn't really pay attention much to the teachings to be honest. as an adult now and revisiting and hearing about God and all the he's done for me and my life. I've always had him in my mind when choosing my life paths and know that God has always been with me to choose the right way. I'm happy to know he will forever be with me and Jill as we get married and being our lives together.
Impacted her Faith: I was not much of a church goer growing up, occasionally with my grandfather on holidays and some Sundays. revisiting God teachings and words helped me remember I have someone to look up to and talk to if I need. He will be with us for the rest of our lives building our relationship and family.
His parish life plan: We are going to go mass more and continue to pray every day. Also talk to Christ more not just with prayer.

Her parish life plan: We will definitely be going to church more! becoming more active in the church and the families of our church. we will surround ourselves with love and God during holidays and special family occasions. When we have children, they will learn and love God.


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Communication and Comments

Michael and Christine – Diocese of Allentown, PA

How did it better your commutation: It brought up situations and questions about our relationship and our future that we may not have thought about and allowed us the time to really go in depth with these conversations to have a better understand where the two of us stand on certain aspects of our lives.

Appreciated most by him: I appreciated the openness of the course, allowing us to have deep meaningful conversations about things we may never have addressed or may have had more of a difficult time discussing. I also appreciated the responses from our instructors, and the videos because they were very informative.

Appreciated most by her: I appreciated the bluntness of some of these lessons. The videos were very deep and straight to the point. It pointed out the thoughts we all have and addressed them in a very straight forward way which made it easier to understand and accept.

Jonathan and April – Archdiocese of Santa Fe, NM

How did it better your commutation: I think the questions were worded so that we had to have deep discussions to better understand one another and our points of view. It made it easier for us to talk in general about things we probably wouldn't have touched on and to express ourselves in a respectful way. It made us think of us as a couple belonging to God and needing to do the will of God through our lives and actions.
Appreciated most by him: I appreciated spending quality time with my fiancée the most, because it brought us closer together and closer to God. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family and this allowed us to be together in the best way possible, with God.

Appreciated most by her: I appreciated the time we spent, and the answers and helpful advice we were given. It’s when you think you know something really well that you realize how little you know and how much learning you still have and will always have. I appreciated our instructors sharing their stories and encouragement with us and giving us confidence.

Tho and Mi – Archdiocese of Denver, CO

How did it better your commutation: This course allowed us to communicate on topics that we don't usually talk about. We went through all the questions together and discussed our opinions and even brought the conversations to our friends and families.

Appreciated most by him: I appreciate our instructors for teaching us so much about Marriage that we weren't aware of. I appreciated the time we set aside to work on this class because it allowed us to work on our relationship and plan for our future. It brought us closer to each other and God.

Appreciated most by her: I appreciate the conversations that I had with my fiancé during this Class. We are so busy with our daily schedules that it set aside time for us to talk to each other about our future and faith. It bought us closer and reignited our love for each other and Christ.