August 30th - Bryan and Alexis – Kalamazoo, MI “My fire was lit!”

Him: I love the feedback from our instructors. I feel like we were the only students taking the class!
Her: Our instructors, along with all the lessons, we’re just really great! It was such a great way for us to grow in our relationship with each other and remind us of little ways to keep God at the forefront of our marriage
Both: It has inspired us to connect closer to God together within our relationship. On an even deeper level than we already were.

August 31st – Adam and Sarah– Houston, TX“This course definitely revived my desire to be closer to God.”

Him: I learned a lot about God's will and his intentions for husband and wife.
Her: We had great mentors, and I feel as if they went above and beyond with their answers! I appreciate that they gave us advice that we can use in our everyday lives. I enjoyed learning more about the meaning of marriage in the Church, and what God has planned for us as husband and wife.
Both: This course taught us that some of the roles of husband and wife work best with good communication. By working on these assignments together, our conversations about our answers helped us improve communication between us.

September 1st - Giovanni and Bianca – Edmonton, AB “The course gave us real tools to use in our everyday lives.”

Him: I found the course very helpful.  The advice and guidance given is information that I will use going forward in my marriage.  Our mentor couple gave us excellent advice that was relatable.
Her:  I really enjoyed working and reflecting on many questions throughout this course.  I think that the course was helpful in preparing us for what is to come, and potential areas of stressors/problems.  I also liked how the course helped to show us the importance and specific connections of marriage in the church.
Both: Sometimes we forget the reason we hold God so close to our marriage and relationships, and for us this course was a good reminder of that.

September 2nd - Daniel and Laura – Stockton, CA “It gave me a peace of mind regarding my choice to marry through the Catholic church.”

Him: The class was very informative and supportive of our new marriage. It was nice to have personal feedback on our answers and I enjoyed reading the scriptures.
Her: This class made me certain that I am making the right choice in marrying through the church. I love the wisdom and insight I gained throughout the course from the instructors and the material.
Both: It helped improve our communication through the various topics that it presented that we had not yet discussed.

September 3rd - Conrad and Aurelia – Albuquerque, NM “It was an incredibly detailed class.”

Him: While I am not Catholic, this gave me great insight into Aurelia's religion and sparked conversation between us.
Her: This class taught me more about the faith and created great discussion points between us! I loved how detailed our instructors were with their teachings and how kind they were.
Both: We really appreciate our instructors for helping us prepare for marriage and are thankful to have done this course!