September 6th– Kyle and Ciara – Las Vegas NV “I felt like this course made my relationship with God closer.”

Him: I liked that we had more time to reflect on our assignments rather than being rushed in a in-person class.
Her: We felt like this course was well detailed. I personally loved the feedback & that even though it was online we received the support we needed from the instructors.
Both: The course improved our communication in a lot of ways. Mainly before the course we sometimes would assume what each other was thinking rather than being upfront. We have been improving on this mainly.

September 7th – Jio and Amy– Kalamazoo, MI “This was nice to be able to work at our own pace.”

Him: To me I really enjoyed this classed learn more about God and how marriage is connected with how Jesus loves the church. Our instructors really help us by explaining in more detail so we can understand more.
Her:  This class was great, I learned a lot about my partner, God, and also myself. It really made us think about certain situations we haven't even been in and how we can handle them. And our instructors we're very helpful with their feedback and explaining further about things we didn't understand.
Both: It was helpful to remember just how special this sacrament is and our relationship with God and how we have to continue it in our future family.

September 8th – Johnny and Bridget – Detroit, MI “I saw my partner’s faith deepen through this course.”

Him: It was a thoughtful course, and the feedback we received was just as thoughtful and felt so personal to us.
Her: It not only provided great information, it was presented in a way that kept us engaged and allowed us to have deeper conversations about these important topics.
Both: It guided us to topics to discuss that allowed us to delve deeper into our relationship.

September 9th – Matt and Brianna – Sant Rosa, CA “The instructor took a lot of time to give us feedback.”

Him: I enjoyed the class because I thought that we got to know a different aspect of each other and opened the door to some good conversations.
Her:  I enjoyed taking this class with Matt because it opened up some interesting conversations. As well as being able to take it at our own pace was very convenient. I also appreciated the feedback from the instructors.
Both: We are reminded in how important it is to have God at the center of our lives and how it will aid in building a solid foundation for our marriage.

September 10th – Kyle and Whitney – Colorado Springs, CO “I appreciated the feedback from our instructors the most.”

Him: It was very informative, and the instructors were always available to help and give feedback. They gave us a lot of information to think about and made sure we were ready and set with our religious preparations for our wedding.
Her: I learned a lot from the instructors and the lessons provided to us. It has strengthened our faith and has given us a great foundation for our marriage.
Both: We can better understand and uphold the values of the Catholic Church now. We had always had an idea of what was expected, but having the class has helped us be better informed and confident.