September 13th– Daniel and Jordan– San Francisco, CA “I loved that the class was self-paced”

Him: This class was excellent! It really helped us get to know one another better and to have important conversions about our faith going into our marriage.
Her: I really enjoyed taking this class! It was so nice having the 1-1 support throughout the entire course of the class and I also felt like I learned so much throughout the course of the class. I feel very prepared for our marriage now.
Both: We are so happy to have completed this class! The instructors we worked with were wonderful and helped guide us along this journey.

September 14th– Thomas and Katie– Joliet, IL “I greatly enjoyed the time spent on this course”

Him: The course was very eye opening, and made us realize how important God is within our relationship and soon to be marriage. We both enjoyed getting to know each other even more than we already had. Also, the course allowed us to make time to sit down and work as a team to complete it.
Her: Being just Baptized to the Catholic church, this course allowed me to further expand my knowledge on God/Jesus. I am beyond excited to spend the rest of my life with Tom, and follow in the Lord's footsteps as he would want us to. This class was exciting to learn just how important forgiveness is within the relationship, and how much we truly love each other.
Both: This course allowed us to take it a step further, and communicate by using our Faith. We never really had in depth discussions about our actions, and how it pertains to our Faith, this course allowed us to develop those communication skills. We both feel more confident in our communication with one another than we did prior to this course.

September 15th– Jose and Myra – Denver CO “We are now going to show our children that we love and trust God.”

Him: It's helpful to have another married couple’s point of view on things. The fact that they are able to relate to us and help us understand things more clearly makes this an easy class. We didn’t feel embarrassed by knowing even the instructors have to fight and believe in their marriage to make it work
Her: We feel that the class went over important marriage topics that teach valuable lessons. Not only were they referenced but our instructors gave great feedback and explanations.
Both: Our instructors gave us great examples from their own life's that helped us realize that together with our faith in God we can get through anything, not because it’s easy but because God will help us through anything.

September 16th– Michael and Katie – Little Rock, AR It brought us even closer together.”

Him: It was a great learning experience and gave us a lot of insight on how to be a better spouse, a better parent, and a better Catholic.
Her: It helped us to go in depth and really think about what marriage means and how to keep God at the center of our marriage.  The feedback and extra articles were excellent, and it helped us to have more time to bond as a couple.
Both: We were thinking the online class would not be as insightful, but boy were we wrong!  We really enjoyed this and appreciate our instructors helping us become closer with one another and in our relationship with God.

September 17th– Damian and Diana – Colorado Springs, CO “I would recommend this class to all newly engaged couples and even married couples.”

Him: I like how they made you think. How you had to use your mind and not use one worded answer. You really worked towards your answers.
Her: I truly love how we were able to really get to know each other throughout this course. I love the open questions they make us ask each other and how they challenge us to really know each other before we make a big step into marriage.
Both: It helped us have more in depth conversations about each other not so much just shallow questions.