September 20th– Adam and Abbey– Diocese of Lansing, MI I feel a renewed sense of my Catholic faith”

Him: I thought our instructors provided insightful answers that really helped me understand marriage both the sacrament and life after our wedding day.

Her:  I am really glad we were able to take this class. It provided me with a deeper understanding of the commitment Adam and I are about to make.

Both: I think the course forced us to communicate rather than glazing over details and issues. We had to communicate and discuss important topics and plan for our future together.

September 21st– Alex and Diane – Diocese of Norwich, CT “This course has urged me to reconnect with God”

Him: This course allowed me, as a non-Catholic, to understand the Catholic faith in a more in-depth way.

Her: This course was in-depth and helped me to better understand the Sacrament of Matrimony. My Catholic faith is important to me and this course allowed me to share my faith with my partner. We discussed many important concepts together and have a mutual understanding of the faith and expectations for our marriage and our family.

Both: Our instructors were a wonderful mentor couple! We appreciated their honesty in our answer keys and they knew our situation and tailored their responses to us as a couple. We greatly appreciated their support throughout this process!

September 22nd– Clark and Hannah– Archdiocese of Washington, DC “It reminded me of God's presence in all things including loving relationships”

Him: I thoroughly enjoyed going through the class together and feel we had a lot of good conversations about many different aspects of our life. I definitely feel like we have grown closer as a result of the class.

Her: The course was well organized and convenient for both of our busy schedules. It gave us the opportunity to discuss important topics that don't naturally occur in everyday life. Through those important conversations, the course gave helpful resources and thoughtful guidance.

Both: We are very grateful for the timely responses and feedbacks from our instructors. Thank you so much for everything!

September 23rd – Roberto – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “It surpassed my expectations”

Him: We gained so much knowledge and got a different perspective on each subject. The replies we received from our instructors had plentiful of information, not just a short explanation. It truly is a course all couples, who are planning on getting married should have to take.

Her: I loved this course! There were a lot of topics that we had never talked about before that we have now discussed. It opens your mind to important subjects that are very important for a successful marriage.

Both: We will reconcile with God by going to confession to ask for forgiveness of our sins. We will pray together. We will also attend mass and tithe on a weekly basis. We will raise our children with our Catholic faith and teach them God's word.

September 24th – Michael and Rachel – Diocese of Baltimore, MD “I appreciate the priceless guidance that we received”

Him: This class was so helpful for our marriage and should be required for everyone regardless of religion!

Her: I loved this class and feel like it really brought us closer in our relationship and to God. We will carry things we've learned with us throughout our lives. I learned a lot of new things and I know Mike did too, we really enjoyed this!

Both: It definitely revived our faith and is getting us very excited for this commitment we are about to make to each other