July 25th – Fernando and Ashley – Archdiocese of Galveston Houston, TX“The reviews from our instructors were my favorite part!”
Him: Every single assignment was explained thoroughly, our instructors were very attentive in responding to all of our answers.

Her: So many conversations that my fiancé and I️ had thanks to this course. Loved our instructors!

Both: This course sparked many conversations that without it, we never dived deep into. All channels of communications are now open here. This is something we will never forget.

July 18th – Hernan and Yanna – Diocese of Madison, WI “What I appreciated the most was the personalized, honest, and real feedback we got”
Him: I truly enjoyed the class. I learned so much and reflected on so much that will shape our marriage. The readings, the lessons, and the tailored approach made it so engaging, refreshing, and just so wonderfully useful. I truly loved it.

Her: I really enjoyed the lessons! They were wonderfully personal and tailored to our situation. The supporting couple was so kind with us and helped us learn more about the word of God. I really enjoyed the reflection that this course invited and hope to continue to reflect upon God's role in our marriage. It is memorable and the lessons are so useful!
Both: We really liked the wonderfully personalized and human responses and feedback that we received. It was very helpful for the couple to give modern examples of the scriptures and concrete ways to practice the lessons in our married lives.

July 11th – Steven and Lindsey – Archdiocese of Detroit, MI “This program was a great way to strengthen the faith within our relationship and kickstart the rest of our lives”

Him: I thought it was a good class. It not only discussed topics important to any young faith-based couple, but it showed the bible's guidance for various situations we can expect to encounter in life.

Her: We were given comments and constructive feedback quickly and efficiently. The course was organized in an easy-to-follow format with enough time to discuss answers to questions at our own pace.

Both: We feel that our relationship with each other is not only strengthened, but so is our relationship with God. This course reminded us that God is the forefront of our relationship, and that we can lean on him in the good times and bad.

July 4th – Cole and Sophie – Diocese of Springfield, IL “I was skeptical about an online course, but it was so rewarding and educational!”
Him: I feel we were able to open up about our faith more deeply than we have before. We learned so much through this course!

Her: I loved being able to dive into each section and bounce our opinions and beliefs off of each other. I feel I love him even more now than before!
Both: It helped us be more open with one another with our faith and communicating with God together. We will make it more routine for sure!

Top 3

Spencer and Shelby – Diocese of Savannah, GA
His impression of the prep: 
I enjoyed how we could go at our own pace based on our schedule. I thought each section with the associated questions and work we went through was really valuable. We had many deep conversations regarding the subject matter, and it has helped us tremendously in preparing for marriage.
Her impression of the prep: I loved that we could go at your own speed, and there were so many thought-provoking questions and subjects throughout the course.
Did it meet his expectations: Yes - being Catholic my whole life, I knew the course would be of good quality, and again, we're both very happy we had the flexibility of going at our own pace.
Did it meet her expectations: Yes, it reminded me of RCIA in its subject matter and structure, but obviously more focused on marriage and parenting.

June 27th – Ryan and Gabrielle – Archdiocese of Cincinnati, OH “This course caused my interest and passion in God to be renewed even deeper.”
I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The lessons were engaging and prompted self-reflection as well as productive discussion between my partner and I. I am grateful for this course because I think it has helped us deepen our connection and secure the foundations of our relationship.

Her: I was very impressed with this course. The coursework was intentional and guided us through thinking and talking about God, our marriage, and the future. The feedback was very specific and helpful in guiding our thinking for the future as well!

Both: While the lessons were incredible it was really special to receive feedback from a couple who is rooted in their faith. They have been where we are now, so their guidance, advice, and knowledge is what were most appreciative of.

June 20th – A.J. and Melody (Cilivy married) – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “We appreciate all the guidance and support”
Him: Very educational class on marriage. Although we have been together for 10 years, it brought our relationship to a different level.

Her: Agreed, we enjoyed this class and are happy that it brings us another step closer to God.

Both: We plan to bring our marriage into God’s eyes and continue on our path!

June 13th – Jacob and Samantha – Diocese of Pittsburgh, PA “It made me want to become even closer to my faith”
Him: I have a learned a lot in every section of these classes. The questions made you think, the videos were informational, and the instructors that reviewed our assignments were very insightful.

Her: My goal of this course was to have lifelong tools to help in different aspects of our marriage and to also learn something new along the way, and I honestly feel like that is exactly what happened.

Both: We appreciate the instructors for their time being so kind and honestly teaching us things that we did not know, or going a level deeper than we had thought about things.

June 6th – Jeremie and Kylie – Diocese of Manchester, NH “I feel like the sacrament of marriage will have so much more meaning to us now.
Him: This class really took me deeper into what it means to be a godly husband, and how to bring God into our relationship so we can grow deeper in our faith together.

Her: I love how in depth we went into scripture, and how the vows were broken down into understandable chunks. I feel like I learned so much from this class, not only about the history of marriage in the Bible, but also how to have a godly marriage.

Both: Praying together and understanding a bit more about each other helped us to communicate better, and we are better at defusing arguments.

May 30th – John and Erin – Archdiocese of Denver, CO “I loved the personal connection we made with each other and the instructors.
Him: This class was a great way to prepare us for marriage, refresh us on our catholic teachings and help us grow together as we prepare for our wedding.

Her: I thought this class was extremely beneficial. It taught us both new things about our faith and what to expect from our marriage.

Both: The topics in the class really helped us each individually and as a couple grow together.

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