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Robert and Lori (Civilly Married) – Archdiocese of Houston-Galveston- Houston, TX
His impression of the prep: 
I went in to this marriage prep thinking that we did not need it because we have been married for 22 years. However, from the beginning I recognized that the sessions were focused on biblical teachings an aspect of marital life. It presented questions that had not crossed my mind. Between us having to deep dive and answer these questions, plus the feedback from our sponsors, I found this course to not only be interesting, but absolutely necessary for anyone wishing to get married.
Her impression of the prep: I completely concur. We thought this would address the practicalities of marriage instead of the spiritual aspects. We really learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Did it meet his expectations: It far exceeded my expectations.
Did it meet her expectations: It exceeded our expectations!

May 23rd – Curtis and Rachel – Diocese of Pittsburgh, PA “I appreciated how scriptures were incorporated in nearly every lesson.
Him: This course challenged us in numerous ways, and that's what I was most looking forward to. I wanted to learn more about my faith and why the sacrament of marriage is so sacred. I enjoyed reading the scriptures and learning how they are grounded in marriage and the Catholic faith. I look forward to implementing these life lessons into our marriage.

Her: The class helped us grow a deeper understanding of marriage and what it means to our faith. It was the first time I feel like we openly discussed scripture together and apply it to situations in our life. It was something I wish to continue to do throughout our lives and our marriage.
Both: Even though this was a virtual option it was great to still have feedback on our answers and get advice for what we're about to embark on our life together.

May 16th – Salvador and Raquel – Archdiocese of Galveston- Houston, TX “This experience was unforgettable
Him: I thoroughly enjoyed the class and gathered a lot information from it. Some which I wouldn't have thought of myself. This was a great spiritual experience for my future wife and myself.

Her: I absolutely loved this class I enjoyed having a more spiritual conversation with my future husband and learning the importance of receiving God in our marriage and in our life.
Both: So many deep conversations were triggered during our lessons and gave us more insight in our faith and future selves.

May 9th – Jonathon and Amanda – Diocese of Austin, TX “I appreciate the breakdown over each question and the depth our instructors went into.
Him: I feel like this class has helped Amanda and I tremendously on connecting together spiritually. It gave us topics to talk about and let us learn more about each other. We are closer to God and do plan on continuing living through him.

Her: I truly enjoyed this class. It allowed JC and I to dig deep and have tough conversations we wouldn't normally have. Overall, it was a great experience.
Both: This class helped us grow closer to God and motivated us to go to church more and let that be an important part in our marriage.

May 2nd – Justin and Michelle (Interfaith Couple) – Diocese of Sacramento, CA This course helped me realize the importance of marriage
Him: I was impressed with the detailed feedback for each of our answers. Seeing marriage through the lens of Catholicism was enlightening. It helped me realize what I need to work on as a future husband.
Her: I like how it made us discuss topics we never thought about, but will encounter as a married couple.
Both: This process allowed us to see the differences we have as a Catholic and non-Catholic. It also helped us realize what each of us may need from each other at our current stages of life.

Top 3

Matt and Allison – Diocese of Arlington, VA
His impression of the prep: 
This course helps lay the groundwork and a great foundation for us to start our marriage with. It is very open and honest, which is refreshing.
Her impression of the prep: This course truly opened my eyes up to what is important as Matt and I prepare for marriage, how we can be the best versions of our selves not only through our own communication but also having God at the front as our guide through life. I learned a lot about contraception, what it does to women's bodies, and also learned even more about myself and truly what I am hoping and praying for through my marriage with Matt.
Did it meet his expectations: This course exceeded my expectations! This course went in more depth than I could imagine. It helped that we could take our time with each lesson at our own pace.
Did it meet her expectations: Yes! It did in more ways than one - it was helpful that we could go at our own pace and truly talk through our answers out loud, something that we wouldn't have made time for possibly beforehand.

April 25th – Jose and Kristina – Diocese of San Diego, CA “I truly believe it reinforced my faith and belief in God and in the Catholic Church as whole.
Him: The instructors were awesome. They were very interactive and engaging with us and I really appreciate the real-life lessons and experiences that they shared with us during the last few weeks.
Her: I enjoyed the in-depth feedback and the links/resources that were included for additional reading.
Both: We appreciated the quick turnaround time in reviewing the assignment. We also really appreciated when personal stories were shared with us in the review section and the transparency.

April 18th – Keenan and Chloe– Archdiocese of Detroit, MI “It was very thought provoking

Him: I thought it was a very fruitful exercise by encouraging us to think deeply and discuss openly, our relationship, values and future. I thought the feedback from our instructors was also very thoughtful and thorough and gave me greater perspective on some of the more philosophical questions.

Her: I enjoyed the course. It guided deeper conversation through topics that we never thought of before. Additionally, it encouraged great conversation and deep thought.

Both: We enjoyed the teamwork aspect of the course and it is great reminder that sometimes that individually we may not have the complete answer/solution but combine the two of us will have a better answer/solution.

April 11th – Johnny and Tracy – Archdiocese of New Orleans, LA “Very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this!

Him: Our instructors were very informative and very good at responding promptly. They knew what they were talking about and had very good explanations of the topics presented. I also like how that we could do this on our own time and not have a set meeting with a couple every Sunday.

Her: I thought it was very informative. I really loved how we were interactive with another couple and got great feedback. A lot of our of questions were answered. It made us dive into topics we had not yet discussed and it was just overall great to see how like-minded Johnny and I are but, we also understand each other when we differ.

Both: It meant a lot to us that our instructors went in depth with everything and you could tell they really read our answers and that made us want to be 100% of our effort into it as well.

April 4th – Andrew and Frances– Diocese of Baton Rouge, LA “Our instructors truly care about the success of our marriage preparation and our marriage itself.

Him: I felt Frances and I were able to grow closer in our faith and explore aspects of marriage that we had not yet. We are both extremely thankful for this class.
Her: I truly feel so blessed to have gone through this class with Andrew and our wonderful instructors. We feel we have been guided and given wonderful advice to better our relationship and future marriage. I know that we will carry the lessons we have learned throughout our lives.
Both: The conversations had during this course were deep, interesting, and often challenging in a great way. Our ability to converse about vulnerable topics certainly allowed us to grow closer as a couple.

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