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Forbes and Therese – Archdiocese of New York, NY
His impression of the prep: I feel as though this class has given me an insight on to how to make a lasting marriage work for us and in the eyes of God. By giving myself entirely to my wife and keeping all of the lessons learned throughout this course in my heart & mind, I'm fully confident in the fact that I will be an ideal husband to Therese.
Her impression of the prep: I would say that throughout the course of this class, I have gained a deeper understanding into what marriage truly is. Going back to an earlier response we gave, I have many friends who get married for the wedding and not the marriage, and I know full-well that I am preparing to get married for all the right reasons. This class has given me a stronger sense of myself through the eyes of God and I can't wait to live my married life with my husband.
Did it meet his expectations: Absolutely. I've heard from friends that an in-person marriage prep course is the way to go because it's "super quick and easy," but Therese and I truly wanted to have a deeper meaning on what a marriage would entail and how to be a strong husband through the wisdom and teachings of God.
Did it meet her expectations: I definitely feel as though this course has met my expectations and more. Being a student who attended public school and went to CCD, I feel as though there were many aspects of marriage that went unspoken about in my classes, and how it encompasses maintaining God throughout. This course has given me tremendous insight into what makes a marriage become stronger after it is formed with a sturdy foundation with God in our lives.

March 28th – Spencer and Luisa Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “I feel this class has reminded me how fulfilling it is to have a strong faith

Him: This class was excellent. It really helped us open up and talk more openly about our faith and how it will play a part in every component of our marriage.
Her: I greatly enjoyed this class. It gave many great resources and I loved how it gave us the opportunity to discuss our relationship, our goals, and our faith. I thought the sections of the class were well laid out, and we had a great couple to mentor us. Overall, I think this class went above and beyond any expectations I had!
Both: We both got a lot out of this class and grew from it spiritually and emotionally. We grew both closer to God and also each other.

March 21st – Kevin and Leslie -Diocese of Colorado Springs, CO “Having someone to guide you through it is very enlightening.

Him: I am extremely pleased with this course and our sponsors. Our sponsors have been absolutely fantastic. The explanations and guidance have been profound and sincere. We greatly appreciate the time and effort put forth to help us learn more about this wonderful journey.
Her: I am overwhelmingly delighted with these classes. I am thankful for our sponsors. Their instruction and open dialog were very insightful. They did not shy away from difficult subjects, yet were tactful in their approach to addressing them. It is refreshing to find a couple who has been married for so long as well.
Both: The course gave new insight and appreciation of our marriage. It helped to understand the importance of putting God at the center of it.

March 14th – John and Kayla -Diocese of Greensburg, PA “It showed me the true faith behind marriage

Him: The course was very engaging and thought provoking. It really helped us explore our faith together even further and opened our eyes to areas of marriage that we initially wouldn't have thought of. Overall, the course and our sponsor couple were extremely helpful and helped keep the course engaging and interesting.
Her: This course helped me understand the true meaning of marriage in the Catholic church and opened up many conversations between John and I regarding marriage and Christ's love as we prepare for this journey. I learned a lot about the Catholic faith, and I learned more about John and I as a couple through each course.
Both: The course was engaging and thought provoking and guided us to many different resources! The course helped us gain an overall better understanding of the meaning of Catholic marriage and thus met our expectations.

March 7th – Mauricio and Meredith-Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “Surpassed expectations!

Him: Really detailed preparation course. We learned a lot. The instructors where very supportive and prompt. Great overall!
Her: This course helped me better understand the biblical and spiritual importance of the Sacrament of Marriage.
Both: We grew up in different cultures and lived Christianity differently. This course helped us get "on the same page" regarding our faith.

February 28th– Kevin and Olivia -Diocese of Joliet, IL “It taught us ways to communicate with love instead of our ego.

Him: I believe it was a good foundation for our marriage and how to make God the focal point. I learned a lot of new things like how to be a man of God and how to be a husband through God's laws.
Her: I'm so happy we took this class - it has taught me so much more than I thought. I'm reminded once again just how much grace and love God has given us. I feel closer to God and am more committed to honor Him and His ways throughout our marriage and our lives.
Both: We appreciated the endless love this class has embedded in us to each other and to God.

Top 3

Alex and Jordyn – Diocese of Austin, TX
His impression of the prep: I thought this was a wonderful course that I learned a lot from. It had a ton of relevant content and material that opened my eyes and allowed me to see things from a completely different perspective. I believe it benefitted us greatly and ultimately brought us closer together by going through this course.
Her impression of the prep: This class was very enlightening in many different ways, but I really enjoyed the practices, conversation, and self-reflection that was expected/required throughout the course. It allowed us to pause and talk about really intimate and serious topics that we had never either considered, knew about, or even realized was affecting our life. In a world where it seems so taboo to surrender your life to your spouse & God, and trying to live in accordance to the life God called you to live, it was so refreshing to focus on those themes throughout this course.
Did it meet his expectations: Yes, in my opinion it actually exceeded my expectations. I was not expecting to enjoy the entire course and the content as much as I did. Tying in real-world situations and reconnecting these different life experiences to scripture makes the world of a difference and you can see how God is intertwined into every part of our existence.
Did it meet her expectations: Yes, it met my expectations. I love that we got down to the root of God's sacramental gifts and why we should value them. I really never understood the significance behind everything that we practiced as Catholics, and this helped bring a lot of things full circle for me, especially the gift of marriage and what it means to God/the church.

February 21st – Jacob and Katriona -Diocese of Joliet, IL We are very grateful for this opportunity!”

Him: This course was extremely helpful for our journey in many reasons. There were so many great examples of scripture provided which we were able to adapt to our everyday life, making our relationship grow stronger than before.
Her: This class created a lot of great conversation for Jake & I. It opened up lines of communication that were important to be open and brought up some great topics for discussion. It was also nice to hear some insight about our answers to questions that we discussed. Overall, this course was very helpful in our preparation for marriage!
Both: This course improved our communication because it brought up topics that we had not discussed enough about. It offered insight into important topics and reading what you both had to say ignited more conversation. It was a very helpful guide to navigate some of these tougher topics.

Feb. 14th– Daniel and Angelina– Archdiocese of Chicago, IL “This was a great idea for date night!

Him: I liked how this course made us stronger and connected us on a deeper level. This course also gave us a lot to think about and sparked all the necessary conversations that we needed to have before marriage.
Her: I liked how our instructors were able to connect with us as a couple and make the answer key very personable and specific to us. They provided us with a bunch of great links and bible verses that we were able to read through and connect to.

Both: It definitely sparked some important conversations that we needed to have and helped us realize some of the potential future problems we might face in our marriage.

February 7th– Rigoberto and Zenaida –Diocese of Dallas, TX “I appreciated everything about this course

Him: This course has taught me a lot of different things about marriage to build a better bond with my wife and to communicate for a better marriage.
Her: Very detailed and I love that the instructors check every answer and are helping us all the way through.
Both: We enjoyed the class very much, it was a great learning experience.

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