October 26th, Casey and Nicole, San Francisco, CA  "Gave us time to work with each other as a couple"
His:"The online class was informative and very helpful in understanding the true meaning of marriage. The class actually exceeded my expectations for an online class as it was very well written and thought through."
Her: "This online class was great in the fact that the process was straight forward and gave us time to work with each other as a couple. The program provided all the information I was looking for when going into our marriage and the counselors gave us great feedback."
Both: "We plan on raising our children in a domestic church and praying throughout the day it will bring us closer to God. Also, we plan to very active in our church community."

October 27th, Andrew and Brooke, Spokane, Washington  "The answer keys were wonderful and tailored to us"
His: "It was very insightful, I appreciated the most the ease of the program and the insights it provided. I plan to go to Mass and bring my children to Mass."
Her: "I enjoyed our instructors' responses the most. The answer keys were wonderful and tailored to us. This course helped me to remember how important my faith is in my life and in any life I choose to share with anyone. Modern society often shuns people who put Christ first in their life and in their relationship... And this course helped me to remember that we, as faithful Christians, must keep strong to our faiths and beliefs even when the outside world is laughing or criticizing us."
Both: "It was eye opening to do this long-distance "together" and really showed us a lot about ourselves."

October 28th, Matt and Kalea, Buena Vista, CO  "Taught me more than I could have imagined during this prep"
His:"Very thorough and well thought out. It is difficult to find the level and scale of detail in real life. Very well done for an online course. This course exceeded my expectations and taught me more than I could have imagined during this prep. The prep has always been a requirement for me/us, but the depth has revitalized some portions of my faith that had become stale."
Her: "I highly enjoyed the course. It was a great Catholic marriage prep and really tied in the Catholic faith into marriage in ways that I had not previously been introduced to. Having another couple to guide and mentor us was beneficial and allowed a more personal experience."
Both: "It did improve our connection by helping us communicate more and learn more about each other and about our faith and our God. By deepening and strengthening our relationship with God, our relationship with each other is stronger. We also have a more clear idea of what Holy Matrimony is meant to be."

October 29th, Patrick and Gloria, Colorado Springs, CO   "Learned new Listening skills." (Civilly married 5 children, one spouse entering the Catholic Church.)
His: "I can see why this would help a vast number of couples. We have relearned a lot of things, I have new listening skills now.
I am thankful you kept giving us the time we needed to complete this course. I have always wanted to be a Knight of Columbus.
Her: "I am happy this is available to engaged couples. This course was well put together and now I can complete my sacraments.
Both: "We plan on attending mass two or more times a week and bring my family up in God's path.

October 30th, Alexander and Arianna,  Lakewood, CO "Enjoyed NFP and "Green Sex"!
His: "It was good information and taught us a lot of things that we didn't know. I enjoyed most NFP and the Green Sex. It was the most informative and taught us a lot of things that we plan to use throughout our marriage. I also enjoyed the Relationship tools worksheet."
Her: "It was very informative and I really enjoyed looking deeper into the Word of God and what it all means, especially in the sacrament of marriage. I really enjoyed the audio video Green Sex. It was taught us a lot of things that we never knew and even kind of upset us. It definitely helped us make some decisions as to how we are going to view and have intercourse in our married life."
Both: "We are going to join the next Bible study group in order to become closer to God through the understanding of his Word. 
It improved our communication by helping us to open up about our faith a little more and be comfortable talking about our intentions for our married and family life. 
We really enjoyed this process and the depth that it took us into the Bible. Thank you for helping us learn and understand better through the Word of God and even through your own life experiences! We appreciates your time and honesty, it was great working with our instructors!"

October 19th, Wilbur and Jennifer, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: We have learned to put more time in prayer as a couple.
His: “I feel it was a great learning curve. We got a better understanding of what is a marriage, How to go about Natural Family Planning, The importance of forgiveness in a marriage. It has been very helpful in helping us prepare for this Sacrament. We are overwhelmed with the feedback provided after every assignment. It covered what we missed."
Her: "We would both like to thank our instructors in helping us prepare for this course. Their feedback after every course has been very insightful and has helped me learn more about each topic. The NFP section was also very interesting. I plan to participate actively in church activities."
Both: “It helped us communicate better. The topic on listening also helped us understand each other. We also have learned to put more time in prayer as a couple.
We appreciate the time and effort Karen and Deano have put in during our journey. We know we did take a lot of time but are ever grateful for their experiences and hope to continue from here on. Thank you once more for guiding us through this course."

October 20th, Daniel and Fiorella, Venice, Florida: Motivated us to discuss things we were avoiding
His: "I was very impressed and enlightened. I was raised religious but not Catholic, this course was great to motivate us to discuss things and ideas that we either did not think about addressing or were avoiding talking about until a later date. I am happy we discussed these topics and the guidance that was provided."
Her: "This class inspired me a lot. I'm Catholic, but this course helped me to learn so many things about different topics that I didn't know before. I really like that we were able to share our opinions, ideas and feelings about them. I was very happy to know that our instructors are from Peru. I'm Peruvian also. They helped us a lot during this class. Thank you so much."
Both: "It showed us that we both are open to each other's feelings without judgment or animosity. We can have a serious discussion and respect each other enough to accept our views."

October 21st, Eric and Linda, Springfield, Missouri: A starting point to communicate on a deeper level together.
His: "It was nice because not only did I gain a better understanding of Catholic traditions but this class gave me a great understanding of things to prepare for in our future together! Thank you so much to our instructors for taking us under your wings. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was very fun!
Her: "The class was very helpful to bring up topics we wouldn't normally discuss. It was refreshing and very informative. I enjoyed the prep and our instructors were very nice and always provided amazing feedback! The prep met and exceeded my expectations.
Both: "We plan on being part of the Vietnamese Church Community in Springfield. We plan on hosting prayers in our own home. The course allowed us to talk about our future more than we would normally. Bringing conversations that might be a bit awkward to talk about but allowed us a starting point to communicate on a deeper level together."

October 22, Tim and Lora, Metairie, LA:  I felt like some of the items were basically talking to me.
His: "Very thorough - I enjoyed the opportunity to openly discuss my faith with my wife. Although we pray together and go to church together, we had the opportunity here to discuss many things that we may not have otherwise.  I plan on attending church every day with my family and having time to pray and talk to Christ by myself."
Her: "I think it was an eye opener for a lot of items. Our teachers for our course were extremely helpful and educational. Truth is I was extremely surprised at how well this course is made. I grew closer to Christ by what I learned throughout the course. I felt like some of the items were basically talking to me."
Both: "This course allowed us to work together and allowed us to work at our own pace."

October 23rd, Armando and Crystal, Colorado Springs, CO: I want to help with youth so they won't feel as lost as I was growing up.
His:"It was great once we made the time. It was more than my expectations. I appreciated everything. Made me feel even more confident with being a Catholic."
Her: "It was great, I learned so much and I felt like the couple was very patient with us. I didn't know what to expect it was awesome. I want to help with youth so they won't feel as lost as I was growing up."
Both: " Made us make time to sit with each other and discuss us, a reminder to us no matter how busy life gets we need those one on one moments. We saved everything."

October 5th, Nick and Jamy,  Minnesota: Reminding us of the true purpose of our lives and marriage
His: "Very good. It really drove deep discussions. It strengthened my faith by reminding us of the true purpose of our lives and marriage.
Her: "I appreciated especially the guidance we received from our mentor couple. They were very open, and provided such thoughtful responses.
I want to join the same parish, attend mass together, and get to know others in the parish."
Both: "We can't say enough good things about our mentor couple, Karen and Deano Gonzales. Wow, the responses they shared, including their own personal experiences, really made us excited about married life. God's message and marriage purpose shined through them."

October 6th, Salvatore and Angela, San Francisco, CAI want to help in Parish events and fundraisers, go to mass, confession.
His:"Great, I appreciated the easiness of the course, it made me appreciate my faith. I want to go to mass and teach catechesis in my parish."
Her: "User friendly, awesome teachers. Made me excited to begin this new chapter! I want to help in Parish events and fundraisers, go to mass, confession."
Both: "We loved the links. It helped us to be more open and to share our ideas together."

October 7th, Samuel and Florence, SC
I didn't expect it to be this thorough. It was very personal.
His:"It was just what we needed. I could not attend a traditional marriage prep class due to my hectic work schedule and also we had a cross-country move. Although it was all online it was very informative as our instructors drew from their own life and theology. I appreciated that this course was tailored to fit us. I didn't expect it to be this thorough. It was very personal.The thing that really stuck with me is actually the story of Adam and Eve and how it can still apply to modern day times."
Her: "I found this class very insightful, and as just as informative, if not more than if we were in a traditional classroom setting. Also our instructors responded to our homework right away and answered any of our questions in a timely manner."
Both: "We pray that we will continue to grow as a couple and also as a couple with Christ. That he will guide us and protect us."

October 8th, Jayme and Lindsay, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
It exceeded my expectations.
His:"I felt good about this prep. It brought up things in our relationship that we need to continue to work on in the future."
Her: "I enjoyed doing this marriage prep. It taught us a few things about our relationship and helped bring up important topics that we were able to discuss. It exceeded my expectations."  
Both: ''It helped us appreciate each others opinions on several important marriage topics. We were patient with each other and completed the marriage prep as a team by communicating. We truly enjoyed answering all the questions and learning more about ourselves and about you two as well! Thank you so much!"

October 9th, Juwen and Catherine, Atlanta, GeorgiaStraight forward course
His:  "I am a new believer and am still learning/refining my skills in the church therefore this course allowed me to acquire yet another skill set. I want to do more reading of the Scripture, help as a Eucharistic Minister, and possibly choir."
Her: "Straight forward course which allowed us to reflect on our journey to marriage. I appreciated the ability to log on and work through the worksheets as our schedule allowed.
Both: "It allowed us to discuss topics that we have not explored outside of this course such as family planning and life expectations. We want to abstain until our wedding and practice NFP in our married life."

September 28th, Stephen and Anna, Eparchy of St Maron, Brooklyn: This course has given me "new eyes" to view and shape that faith.
His: "I was intrigued by the depth of this program! I went to Catholic school all my life, and thought that I knew everything about marriage; how wrong I was! The feedback and support that we received from our counselors was nothing short of amazing! It went beyond my expectations. It gave me valued insight into the way Jesus wants me to view my marriage, and to conduct my life moving forward. I believe that my faith is stronger than most; however, this course has given me "new eyes" to view and shape that faith."
Her: "This prep gave me new insights rooted in Scripture and the Humanae Vitae. This prep has encouraged me to be more cognizant of the way Jesus wants me to live. I appreciated doing the assignments with Stephen because it was extra time together. This course revived my faith because I remember how much I enjoyed Bible study at a young age."
Both: "It gave us time to debate the issues and question put forth through the exercises and material, as presented. We believe that it has given us a chance to receive and understand what God wants from our marriage. You have been excellent!! Thank you very much for guiding us along the way."

September 29th: John and Maria, USS Ronald ReaganWhen you discover the truths on your own, it imprints it in your mind much better.
His:"What I appreciated most was  learning about the history of marriage, and why the Catholic church has such strict views on what constitutes a legal marriage. Reading the Bible, and then analyzing it on our own, really helped me to come to my own conclusions (which coincided with how the Church thinks). This was better that just being told the answer, and having to press an 'I Believe' button. When you discover the truths on your own, it imprints it in your mind much better. I also appreciated the opportunity to study the scripture with Maria, and for a meaningful purpose. Talking about these things with her, really helped start some good discussions between the two of us. Being reminded that our marriage is rooted in the church, helped me realize that in order to keep a marriage strong, you should include the church. I was reminded that we are not alone in our journey through life, and so we should seek help whenever possible. Just knowing that God has a plan for us (as evidenced by Him bringing the two of us together), reminded me to keep Him in our life, since good things will come of it.
I didn't really know what to expect. I originally thought it would be more like the 'Christian Dating Game' where we discussed how Christ would be in our lives. Learning about the history of marriage was very interesting, and gave me a new perspective on marriage. I do feel like I am better prepared for marriage. Also, being a non-Catholic, I learned a lot about how to have a proper Catholic marriage."
Her: "What I appreciated most was the ability to be able to do this course online, since John will have been on deployment for almost our entire engagement by the time we are married. It did bring up some questions that we may not have addressed right away, and gave us something to do together from a distance. I learned some things about John in the way he answered these questions that I would not have noticed otherwise. Although we had already committed to living our marriage as a Catholic sacrament, it was nice to go into some of the details here that I might take for granted but are new for John. I realize that there are a lot of things that I believe and practice as a Catholic that I don't necessarily understand to the extent that I should as an adult, or at least well enough to explain, and I think this is a good springboard for searching for those answers so that I can share my beliefs with John.”

September 30th, Eric and Stephanie, NY: Didn't "mince words" around the teachings of the church, but instead provided a rich background for understanding why those teachings are what they are
"I liked the course a lot. I felt that it was very insightful and didn't "mince words" around the teachings of the church, but instead provided a rich background for understanding why those teachings are what they are. I wish there was more of that from the pulpit. It actually exceeded my expectations. The instructors' responses in the answer keys were very thorough and were great to read."
Her: "I really enjoyed how it sparked new conversations between Eric and I. I thought it touched on important topics and helped me to learn new things. I appreciated having great instructors. They were very knowledgeable in their faith and had the life experiences to help reinforce the lessons being taught. They told us personal stories in their relationship which was also very helpful."
Both: "The modules brought up some topics that we had not discussed before, and it allowed us to discuss them in a thoughtful and prayerful way, and in a scenario that was naturally without conflict (since we weren't in the midst of encountering the scenarios we were discussing).
Thank you so much for allowing us to participate in our pre Cana class through this method and with such an enriching program."

October 1st, Ken and Nyomi, CA: Appreciated the one-on-one interaction and personalized feedback from our instructors
His: "I found the more controversial issues like pre-marital relations and natural family planning very interesting as it made me think about them in a different and more focused light. I appreciated that part of the prep as it was an area I had not previously thought much about."
Her: "It was very thorough and all of the information included was very relevant. I liked that the information was presented in a variety of formats, i.e. video, text, audio. I also appreciated the one-on-one interaction and personalized feedback from our instructors, Debbie & Joe."
Both: "It prompted us to talk about difficult issues and voice our opinions on various topics that we would not have discussed otherwise. The structure of the course provided a "safe space" for us to express our feelings and acknowledge each other's views and concerns. Over the length of the course, we really opened up to each other about our past, and talked about our hopes for the future. The portion on listening and communication was especially helpful because it gave us methods we can use in the future to maintain healthy communication."

October 2nd, Kevin and Elizabeth, TX: A great job of emphasizing the special bonding that takes place during the sexual act. 
His:"Great class. I love how  it covered an amazing span of topics (Genesis  to NFP to finances). I like how some topics asked for a 'his' and 'her' response."
Her: "Yes, talking about Christ with Kevin helped me understand the importance and the connection of marriage with the Catholic Church. It re affirms my relationship with Christ and our plans as a future married couple."
Both: "This class did a great job of emphasizing the special bonding that takes place during the sexual act. This bonding and joy of bringing children into the world is something we very much look forward too, and we don't want to ruin it! Aside from simply respecting God's laws, we also recognize the health concerns for my wife and the negative societal (and government) impacts that can come from promoting contraception over NFP."


September 21st, Anthony and Jennifer, Ohio: We got a better  understanding of how each other think
His:"This preparation was very helpful. All of the feedback from our instructors was helpful and really opened our communication and caused discussions about marriage that we otherwise would not have had. There was a lot that I didn't know so I greatly appreciate the wealth of knowledge that the course provided as well as the feedback that the instructors gave us.  It really reminded of me of God's grace and mercy for us and also reminded me how important it is to go to mass every week."
Her: "The wedding preparation was very insightful. It really made us concentrate on what marriage is all about and how big of a role God has in our marriage. We are very thankful to have gone through this preparation. I appreciate the support and focus that we received specific to our relationship and all of the information that was given to us about marriage and our relationship with God."
Both: "This really allowed us to open up and discuss some of the most difficult things!! It allowed us to understand how each other were feeling and get a better understanding of how each other think. We learned how important it is to communicate everyday with how we are feeling. We couldn't be more thankful to have such great instructors and we really appreciate all of the information that was given to us."

September 22nd, Sammy and Karina, CA: I was able to open up to my wife a little more
His:“I like how we were able to write our love letters, it is a great tool for us to go by when we get into an argument. We got great tips on how to build a stronger relationship. I enjoyed most the Love letters. I was able to open up to my wife a little more. Good guide for our wedding vows."
Her: "Made me realize how much more God loves us. Answered a lot of my personal questions and made me dig deep. I enjoyed the talks about God with my husband and how we both have our own views in religion. Interesting to learn more about Sammy. I enjoyed the NFP. That's something I never considered or knew existed."
Both: "We are interested in learning more. This course leads us to want to know more. We are looking forward to going to mass more often. We registered to retake some communion and confirmation classes. Next step is to go to a marriage retreat."

September 23, Cory and Victoria, CO: Made my love even stronger for my future spouse
His: "It was very educational, and prepared me for what is to come with marriage and ways to handle situation in a marriage. I appreciated a lot the teaching of how to treat your spouse and your children, and how to prioritize your life and your marriage."
Her: " I thought that it taught me a lot about what is to come with marriage and it just reminded me that I don't have to worry about anything because no matter what God will help me get through it. I was touched by the teaching on how to I love your spouse the way God loves you because it has made me see things from a better perspective. Which has made my love even stronger for my future spouse It was more than I expected."
Both: "We want to go to Church together once a week, pray together every day."

September 24th, Dominic and Bethany, Michigan: Gave us a lot of great talking points and conversation starters
His:"I found this very helpful because it touched on points that I never really thought of and helped us start conversations we may have never even touched on before. I like how wide spread this was and how it changed topics on every chapter. I appreciated the different angles it took on questions and the helpful insight on things we didn't necessarily answer correctly."
Her: "I think this prep class was very well organized and the questions brought out a lot of necessary discussion that are crucial to figure out during engagement. I appreciated the well thought out answers from our instructors. They really took the time to read our responses and give personalized feedback that was useful. This class was able to teach me to learn more about the sacrament I am about to make and how to connect it to Catholicism and the importance of living a marriage for Christ. It brought understanding and motivation to both of us."
Both: "It improved our communication by providing tips to be better in our answer keys and gave us a lot of great talking points and conversation starters for topics we would not have thought to discuss beforehand. We were very impressed with this course and appreciate all the time that was put into giving us this opportunity. Thank you!"

September 25th, Eugene and Connie, SC:  My fiancé learned more about Catholicism in any one of these lessons than he did in 6 weeks of RCIA
His: "It introduced me to what the Catholics believe about marriage. I appreciated the opportunity to have discussions with Connie about the different topics brought up. It gave me a chance to learn more.
Her: "I think my fiance learned more about Catholicism in any one of these lessons than he did in 6 weeks of RCIA at our parish last year.
Our parish priest hadn't had a couple go through the online course before, so he couldn't tell us what to expect. We are his test subjects.
Both: "This wasn't a fluff course. You taught about the original plan for marriage, sin, Christ's restoration of marriage, Theology of the Body, and the three goods of marriage. You had us listen to Janet Smith's "Contraception, Why Not!" talk, which is fabulous, as well as her talk on forming one's conscience, which is one I hadn't heard yet but loved. You explained clearly the difference between a valid sacramental marriage and a valid natural marriage."

September 14th, Seun and Njide, Nigeria: "Able to discuss serious issues"
His:  "prior to the counseling I was semi active in the church now I’m more active in the church and I‘m now attending catechism classes."
Her:  “I appreciated the fact that my fiance decided to be catholic."
Both:  "It was great and enlightening. We appreciated the fact that we were able to discuss serious issues."

September 15th, Juan and Amber, NM: "It made for great talks"
His :"It was put together very well. It was easy to follow and access guides. It did bring up great opinions. I enjoyed very much the discussions that it created. It made for great talks. The desire was there it helped me refocus on the church."
Her: “It was very good. I was able to discuss things about our marriage that may have not have been discussed otherwise. It was a great class and we had great sponsors. I want to help out with parents’ events at the parish."
Both: "It opened up discussions that had meaning to them. It allowed us to freely talk about situations and how we would handle them if they arise. It was great to have positive feedback from our coaches. They had great comments."

September 16th, Rven and Rowena, AL: "We could give our honest opinion and not be judged"
His:"I think we have a greater understanding of our religion with explanations behind it. When I was growing up, I was discouraged to ask "Why" and always had to just accept whatever I was told. In this case, I felt more comfortable to ask why, but I liked how I was given the information/tools to find the answers for myself."
Her: I feel it surpassed my expectations because there were also practical aspects of it like communication which is a big component. It felt like we were truly growing as we went through the course and I felt I was accepted even though I was still in the learning process. Also, I think it just created more dialogue between the two us that would never have occurred for us either because the thought never crossed our minds or a sensitive topic.
Both: "We appreciated very much the mentors' honest opinion. We appreciated that they shared the Church's view, their view, and still acknowledged our opinion. We felt we could give our honest opinion and not be judged."

September 17th, Evan and Ariel, Ohio: "It caused fights and forgiveness, deep thoughts and feelings but in the end we are now communicating better."
His:"I really had to open my mind on some topics. Definitely made me challenge parts of my faith. It made me more confident in my future with my spouse." 
“It initiated interesting conversations, ones we have never had. Yes, it went above and beyond my expectations. Our instructors were sweet and detailed.
Both: "It caused fights and forgiveness, deep thoughts and feelings but in the end we are now communicating better."
Thank you to our wonderful instructors for their time and insight! We are actively joining a new parish upon arriving home from honeymoon."

September 18th, Peter and Kelly, Wisconsin: "Learning things about Catholicism that I never knew before."
His: "I'm Lutheran by practice, so it's very interesting to dive into a different form of Christianity that my soon-to-be wife was raised around. What I appreciated the most was learning things about Catholicism that I never knew before."
Her: "Making sure we have an understanding of what marriage really means according to the Catholic faith. It definitely taught me a lot. There was a lot I didn't know about the Catholic faith. And I learned a lot about contraception and the effect it's really had on society. I am looking much more forward to raising our children under the catholic faith. I'm excited about a lot of the morals Catholicism instills in young people to help them grow into good people.'
Both: "We've never really "talked religion" before. We were both baptized and confirmed, but aren't avidly practicing our religion. It allows us to see a new perspective on something. We definitely need to make more time for activity within the church."

Sept. 7th, Al and Mary,  Philadelphia, PA: "Marriage: a big spiritual step"
His: "Great preparation for marriage. Lots of information.
It made me realize that marriage is as big spiritual step as it is mentally and physically and that we can grow and become closer to God together and later on as a family.
Her: "Great course. It really helped us realize how important of a step this is spiritually. Definitely was above our expectations. It definitely ignited my desire to grow my faith along with Al's together in marriage.
Both: "We alternated reading the key links and explained and reviewed them to each other together.

September 8th Chris and Claire, Sacramento, CA "Learned a lot!"
His: "I have learned a lot about the Catholic religion, have learned a lot about Claire and my relationship, and have learned about what can be done to improve our relationship once married. The course was very challenging as I expected it to be."
Her: "I was forced to express my feelings and made to realize how I feel about a lot of things. The prep did teach me a lot about myself and the Catholic religion. The course was very informative and I knew that there would be a lot of things that I did not know about."
Both: "As the course went on, we became more and more interested in reading everything that the answer keys had to offer."

September 9th, Chris and Erika, Georgia "Liked the feedback"
His: "The preparation was that was very thorough and informative. Gordon and Mary really took the time to respond to our specific needs and understood our needs as a couple. They shared some great advice that we currently use and in the future. It is very difficult to relate to the military experience unless you have lived it first-hand. There are different expectations and stresses resident in our relationships that others cannot understand. It was refreshing to read their advice from a couple that understands the challenges we face in our daily lives."
Her: "It definitely covered everything with a lot of detail. The answer keys were nice to get back with the extra explanations and other ways to view the same question."
Both:"We liked the feedback and that it sparked a few conversations we had never had."

September 10, James and Louise, Ireland "The true meaning of marriage"
His: "It was brilliant and insightful. It totally met my expectations.
The feedback was so detailed. It made me realise the true meaning of marriage."
Her: "I enjoyed how close it made us feel. It was more than I expected. What I appreciated most was getting to do the assignments together and talking things through. It reminded me that God is the reason for all our happiness."
Both: "We plan to go to mass and getting involved in the parish. It made us really thing about communicating more and how to have a healthy marriage."

September 11th, Alexander and Gabriela, Edmonton, Canada "It made us think outside the box"
His: "I liked the discussions this prep created. It was way better than I expected. I appreciated the discussion topics, because it forced Gaby and I to talk about topics we normally wouldn't talk about. I always feel close to God but this prep really made me feel closer with him and love God more."
Her: "I really enjoy marriage prep. It made us think outside the box and really tested our relationship at time. Yes, it met my expectations. I didn't think it was going to go into some of the deep topics but it did and it was great! I appreciated the tips Darci and Tom gave us. Sometimes our answers didn't have all of them and they let us know things we missed which really helped. I enjoy the subject on how to avoid as much arguments as possible. I think this prep really made our relationship better now and will in our future. I'm so glad we did it."

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