Jan. 31st – Oscar and Jennifer – Diocese of Monterey, CA “I really appreciate that we had instructors to guide and give us their input

Him: I really enjoyed taking this class with my wife. It was wonderful to set that time together and learn from what we have been lacking on. Our instructors had some great input.
Her: It was an AMAZING experience. I learned so much in the process. Everything was explained very well. I have learned so much, and I 100% will practice what I learned.

Both: They helped us understand so many good points. This whole class was amazing. The way you get instructors to give you “answer keys” is so helpful!

Top 3

Hector and Miriam – Diocese of San Bernardino
His impression of the prep:
I truthy enjoy the whole process. It was a very engaging spiritual and educational experience. I was amazed how our Churches teachings go hand to hand with our daily modern life. I really liked the reference videos, there were short and concise but rich in content. I honestly believe that this course has given the tool to succeed as a husband and father within my growing faith. Overall, this course exceeds my expectations; I would not change anything.

Her impression of the prep: I really like the information and videos that were provided during the course.

I also appreciate that our instructors gave us feedback in a kind and prompt manner. Thank you very much to our instructors for all your encouragement, reminders, the information, and all the assistance you provide for us during the course. We really enjoyed it.

Did it meet his expectations: Yes. This course touches a wide array of vital areas important to form a solid marriage.

Did it meet her expectations: Yes, it did. It was very empowering. It opened my perspective and made appreciate God in a deeper way. I feel more motivated to trust all my plans and relationship to God.

January 24th – Adrian and Gloria – Diocese of Stockton, CA “My faith has gotten stronger and I want to show others the importance of having a committed relationship.

Him: I really loved that we were able to get a lot of feedback from our instructors. It was a very personable experience being able to share stories with one another. This showed us how our lives will be changing for the better once we are married.
Her: I loved this course! I think it is great that I was able to learn so much about the Catholic Church and how important it will be in our married lives. This course was able to show us more in-depth ideologies placed by the Catholic Church. I also really enjoyed the interactive responses from our instructors.
Both: We were both able to bond over this experience and think deeper about our commitment to one another.

January 17th – Nicolas and Lyndsey – Diocese of Colorado Springs, CO “This process was so enjoyable

Him: This class helped us understand each other better and understand what God wants from us more.
Her: This class went above what I envisioned. Nick and I haven't had conversations like the ones we did in this class. I honestly think any couple would benefit from this class before marriage.
Both: We are able to talk more openly with each other because we both understand ourselves better after this course. We also both understand the commitment we are going to make.

January 10th– Julio and Katie– Diocese of Allentown, PA “I want to become more involved in the church community

Him: It was a very informative class and we learned a lot about how we can strengthen our relationship with God and with our marriage.  We were provided tools to help us in our journey, to guide us in the right direction. Our instructors were extremely helpful in guiding us in the right direction and we are appreciative of them!
Her: Our instructors were extremely knowledgeable and gave us very thorough explanations!  Anything that we may have been confused about they explained and gave us examples to help us better understand!  It was a very informative and helpful for us in our journey with God.
Both: All of the information given to us was extremely helpful and beneficial in our journey with God!

January 3rd– John and Merissa – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston “I felt a lot closer to God after this course

Him: Our instructors were very informative with their responses and we could tell they took the time on their feedback. Though virtual, this class made a very big impact on Merissa and I.
Her: I really appreciated the guidance throughout this course and learned and grew a lot. The answers and responses we received from our instructors after each assignment were detailed and educating.
Both: It allowed us to understand the church more and able to communicate our feelings towards God together.

Top 3

Jared and Stacianne – Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY
His impression of the prep: I was enlightened with the various lessons in the course. We were able to have open discussions and reflect on our relationship in a very productive way. Our instructors were very constructive and insightful in their replies, which we found very useful.
Her impression of the prep: This class was extremely informative and educational. Although, not everyone is Catholic, I think this class should be taken by everybody who gets married. We learned so many important aspects about marriage and were able to have open discussions and get to know each other on a deeper meaning. This class forced us to have tough conversations that we may not have had otherwise. It has helped to prepare us for our lives together as one and in the hands of the Lord. Our instructors were absolutely wonderful mentors. They provided us with wonderful positive feedback as well as a wealth of extra information. They were extremely supportive, encouraging, and understanding. It was a pleasure having them as our mentors throughout the process. We feel blessed.
Did it meet his expectations: Yes, as it covered various concepts like forgiveness, honesty, etc. that I expected to be covered. I was delighted with the extensive replies we received from our instructors- these were more extensive than I would have expected

Did it meet her expectations: The class absolutely met our expectations. I spoke a lot to it in the question before. Additionally, we loved the online format of the class. It allowed us to work at our own pace and we looked forward to doing the class together each time we did. Our instructorswent above and beyond in their responses and they always provided us with our feedback in less than 24 hours, which was extremely helpful for us and we greatly appreciate it. I enjoyed reading all of the information provided as well as watching the videos provided.

Date 27th – Jordon and Lindsey–Diocese of Baton Rouge “It brought us closer together

Him: This class was great in getting us to bond and come together to decide answers and also to further our faith and learn more about marriage through the eyes of the Church.
Her: I really like how the class made you think about not only the scriptures and what God would want in your marriage, but how you can keep him the center of your relationship. This class helped us bond and talk about subjects that are sometimes get put on the back burner.
Both: Our instructors did an amazing job. They taught us so much, were very nice, and informative in their feedback.

December 20th – Francesco and Maria–Diocese of Allentown, PA “It was fun and interesting

Him: I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot about marriage and the church. I really liked the instructor’s passion in teaching the course as well.
Her: The instructors were really nice and fast getting back to us. The course questions made us think and talk together a lot.

Both: It was a constant reminder of how God wants us to be in our marriage. It strengthened our bond and communication.

December 13th – Bryce and Brooke–Diocese of Alexandria, LA “This course reminded me of how amazing God is

Him: This was very through and more detailed than an in-person experience would have been. I appreciated the personal responses to all of our responses that helped us learn it more in depth. It was often filled with personal anecdotes and we could tell they really cared about us and wanted the best for our marriage.
Her: I really enjoyed taking this class! It gave us opportunities to discuss important topics prior to marriage. Having these hard conversations before the marriage will help us so much.

Both: We had a broad idea on communication and the importance of working together but this helped us understand forgiveness and working through tough situations.

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