December 6th – Jose and Grecia –Diocese of Sacramento, CA “Helped me appreciate my religion more than ever.

Him: I had a very positive impression of the class. It was very insightful and challenged us to think about various scenarios that we have either encountered, or may encounter in the future.
Her: The marriage prep is immensely useful. A lot of reflection, discussions, preparations, and vital communication skills were gained from the class. I even shared the communication skills I learned to my non-Catholic friends.

Both: Our assigned instructors did an outstanding job giving us feedback on all of our assignments, offering us tools for our future along the way.

Top 3

Blake and Elise – Archdiocese of New Orleans
His impression of the prep: Very informative. Helped us with our communication skills, faith, and overall strengthened our relationship giving us a chance to discuss and elaborate on conversations we may have never even thought of.
Her impression of the prep: This class was wonderful! We had a chance to have so many raw open conversations. It taught both of us a lot about our religion and our relationship. It also allowed us to discuss expectations and challenges we may be face with in life.
Did it meet his expectations: Yes!

Did it meet her expectations: Yes, it actually exceed my expectations and I think it strengthened our foundation for marriage.

November 29th– Barry and Ruth –Diocese of Lafayette, LA I definitely become closer with Christ.

Him: This class was a great experience. Learning just how similar everyday life is compared to how Jesus wants us to be. The verses from the Bible are real life experiences that we face every day. Love, compassion, safety, security, and honesty should always be in our hearts. This class showed how all of this works together for a closer bind for an engaged couple. The class made myself deal with some deep-down emotions and tears were shed. I pray that Ruth and I can build a stronger relationship from the passages and information that was provided in this class. No one is perfect but trying to make my soon to be wife the happiest WIFE ever is definitely what I want and plan to do. This class did teach me what I need to work on to provide the security and safe feeling that Ruth must have.

Her: For me this class was very informative.  I really enjoyed the way the lessons came directly from Bible verses and then explained in a way in which I could recognize the way the Lord wants me and our marriage to be.  Also, how important it is to communicate and to stay honest.  Bind together as one.  To look at yourself for change instead of looking at your partner to change it for you.

Both: I think it has improved our communications.  These lessons opened up avenues to contemplate in which maybe would not have been though of at all.  Now we know how to set goals and work together with Christ to succeed and accomplish the goals.

November 22nd– Charles and Caroline – Diocese of Baton Rouge, LA “We had great instructors

Him: I feel that I learned a great deal more about the Sacrament of Marriage and what it means to truly accept God into our marriage than what I already knew.  Through this course, I truly believe that Caroline and I grew closer to one another and God.
Her: We enjoyed this class greatly. It prompted us to talk in detail about things we previously had not. We learned a lot about each other and it prompted us to pray together more often, which is so important.

Both: We've been feeling for a while now the need to get back closer to God.  The course prompting and encouraging us to do so further emphasized that feeling and makes us want, even more, to be stronger in our faith.


November 15th– Zach and Courtney – Diocese of Tucson, AZ “It brought God into focus

Him: I really got a lot out of this course! It drew me closer to God and allowed me to view things a little bit differently towards my wife. I'm sure we will communicate love and trust better because of this course.
Her: The course was super convenient and worked around our schedule. The feedback was very helpful and informative.

Both: We plan on attending mass every week and actively say a rosary, discerning where God would put us in the church.

November 8th – Angelo and Alissa – Archdiocese of Boston “I felt the scenarios and topics were exactly pertaining to us

Him: I thought it was good.  It prepared us and got us thinking about our marriage to each other. Brought up some great conversations about the questions.  I enjoyed all the different topics.
Her: I thought this preparation was awesome! I think we looked forward to and enjoyed the conversations that evolved from the topics we had to do homework on.  I loved getting a text from Angelo the next morning after we did the second assignment and he said that last night was a great night when we did pre-cana.

Both: I think our communication was great before this but once we took this course, it helped us realize that yes, we are good but we can always be better.  Incorporating God more into our conversations with each other will always be able to help our communication.

November 1st- David and Jennifer – Diocese of Austin It gave me new perspective on certain topics.”

Him: This marriage prep was refreshing and informative in many ways giving new perspective in all topics related to marriage and to the church.

Her: Really enjoy the referenced scriptures and videos, and feedback from instructors. It was also nice to be able to complete this at our own pace.

Both: We appreciated the feedback from instructors and seeing their perspective.

Top 3

Jose and Mayra – Diocese of Sacramento, CA
His impression of the prep: This class has helped me see things in a different view and has helped me open up more to my fiancé about topics we really never talked about. The explanations to our answers helped me understand more on what is to come in my new soon to be marriage and how much God will be a part of our lives. Thank you again to our instructors. God bless.
Her impression of the prep: Wow- where to start. this class has given us the tools to grow closer in conversation and become closer to God. I say that because the assignments allowed us to come together as one when responding to the questions. There was still so much to talk about after each assignment, it made for great conversation, and really opened my eyes. We are really fortunate to have had our instructors as out mentors. I know Jose and I gave pretty short and direct responses but the clarification that was provided in our answer key really helped.
Did it meet his expectations: Yes, it met my expectations.

Did it meet her expectations: Indeed, it did!

October 25th- Ryan and Angelina – Diocese Philadelphia, PA It renewed my desire to get closer to God”

Him: Taking this course has made me realize how much God is a part of my life. It made you think about a lot of things that aren't talked about daily/regularly. I feel more connected to Angelina and most importantly God after taking this course.

Her: God has always been a very important part of my life. This course however made that connection even stronger. You don't realize how much he's a part of your life because we are busy all day. Being able to slow life down and sit and read these readings and be asked these questions really was a pleasure.
Both: This course asked some tough questions and we had to ask each other the same. It definitely helped improve our communication about those subjects.

October 18th- Thomas and Marlissa – Diocese of Arlington, VA The course fulfilled and exceed all expectations!”

Him: The responsiveness and speed of the answer keys from our instructors was amazing. I thought the explanations were awesome as they educated me further on my own faith and what it truly means to get married. It was also lovely how detailed everything was so I could go over the answer keys with my wife and help her understand better.

Her: I liked how everything was laid out simply and easily for me to understand and follow. I am completely new to all the religious aspects of marriage and it was nice to have everything broken down in a neat and precise way.
Both: It improved our communication by showing us that we all learn and communicate differently, which led us to sit down and talk about how to communicate frustrations or differences to each other.

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