October 11th– Daniel and Iliana – Diocese of Sacramento, CA It showed me how important it is to have God in our daily lives and the peace he will bring to us.”

Him: I've learned a lot of things that can potentially come in the marriage and also what to expect. It was nice to go at our own past on this journey and get to know each other on different levels.

Her: I like the questions that made me think outside of the box, the meaning of how important it is to have God in our daily life including daily prayers. So many things that it is kind of eye opening. I also liked how flexible this course was and how I was able to work at my own past.
Both: After taking this course, we plan on volunteering more at our church, and attending mass more often than what we do now.

October 4th– Sergio and Giuseppina – Archdiocese of Philadelphia, PA It made our communication more open”

Him: We really enjoyed this course because I feel like it made us really communicate on things we really love about each other and need to work on each other. We really enjoyed our instructors; they were fantastic and super nice.

Her: Our instructorswere amazing. They graded our assignments really fast and we loved going over our answer key from them because they really explained and answered the questions in depth.  We really enjoyed working with them.
Both: Life gets super busy sometimes and we tend to forget the important things. After this course we will work harder on getting to church more often and learning to pray together.

Top 3

CJ and Christina - Diocese of Sioux City, IA
His impression of the prep: The course was very thorough and had great substance. I enjoyed the answer keys and the in-depth explanations that were provided from our instructors. I feel that each lesson was a great source of discussion and helped us to go beyond the surface and really dig in to what it means to be a man and to be husband and father. My feeling is that due to this course I am better prepared to fulfill my duties and obligations of marriage
Her impression of the prep: I was a little hesitant at first but as we got into the course, I could see how beneficial this was going to be. It stimulated great conversations that continued for days after completion. Sometimes it seems that as Catholics, we get a pie in the sky version of marriage but miss the mark on practicality. This course filled in the gaps.
Did it meet his expectations: Definitely! The videos and footnotes and encouragement to read more were great! I felt/feel challenged to be a holy husband and father who is striving to lead his family to Heaven.

Did it meet her expectations: It exceeded my expectations! I really enjoyed this course and I love my fiancé even more because I feel like I know him better.

September 20th– Adam and Abbey– Diocese of Lansing, MI I feel a renewed sense of my Catholic faith”

Him: I thought our instructors provided insightful answers that really helped me understand marriage both the sacrament and life after our wedding day.

Her:  I am really glad we were able to take this class. It provided me with a deeper understanding of the commitment Adam and I are about to make.

Both: I think the course forced us to communicate rather than glazing over details and issues. We had to communicate and discuss important topics and plan for our future together.

September 13th– Daniel and Jordan– San Francisco, CA “I loved that the class was self-paced”

Him: This class was excellent! It really helped us get to know one another better and to have important conversions about our faith going into our marriage.
Her: I really enjoyed taking this class! It was so nice having the 1-1 support throughout the entire course of the class and I also felt like I learned so much throughout the course of the class. I feel very prepared for our marriage now.
Both: We are so happy to have completed this class! The instructors we worked with were wonderful and helped guide us along this journey.

September 6th– Kyle and Ciara – Las Vegas NV “I felt like this course made my relationship with God closer.”

Him: I liked that we had more time to reflect on our assignments rather than being rushed in a in-person class.
Her: We felt like this course was well detailed. I personally loved the feedback & that even though it was online we received the support we needed from the instructors.
Both: The course improved our communication in a lot of ways. Mainly before the course we sometimes would assume what each other was thinking rather than being upfront. We have been improving on this mainly.

August 30th - Bryan and Alexis – Kalamazoo, MI “My fire was lit!”

Him: I love the feedback from our instructors. I feel like we were the only students taking the class!
Her: Our instructors, along with all the lessons, we’re just really great! It was such a great way for us to grow in our relationship with each other and remind us of little ways to keep God at the forefront of our marriage
Both: It has inspired us to connect closer to God together within our relationship. On an even deeper level than we already were.

Top 3

Christopher and Emily - Archdiocese of Mobile, AL
His impression of the prep: I enjoyed the thought-provoking topics/questions. It caused us to talk about certain things in a way we hadn't done yet. The feedback was extremely supportive yet guided us when weren't 100% certain. It really felt as though our instructors valued or opinions.
Her impression of the prep: I thought our instructors did an excellent job of guiding us through the lessons, providing feedback, and giving us perspectives to think and talk about. I think that the program overall was thought-provoking and accomplished the thoughts the church wanted to convey without being overwhelmed with tasks.
Did it meet his expectations: Yes, it more than met my expectation. The act of us sitting down once a week to discuss our faith and commitment to each other made us want to continue this trend even without the class.

Did it meet her expectations: Yes, I felt surprised by some of the overall subjects included in this program, and overall was pleased with the conversations we had as a result of what we learned.

August 23rd - Austin and Caitlin– Helena, MT “We learned a lot about each other through this experience.”

Him: This class was great for Caitlin and I because we got to ask questions and have lengthy discussions leading up to the wedding. This class broke down what getting married is truly all about and we are so thankful we had the opportunity to take this class together.
Her: Really eye-opening class. We got to discuss lots of new topics together we have yet to dive into. I believe we became closer to God not only as individuals but as a couple.
Both: It was great to get another perspective and really dive deep into these important topics to set up our marriage for success.

August 16th - Jonathan and JamiLee – Rockville Centre, NY “I appreciated that we had help from our instructors”

Him: I was not sure what to expect from this class but I was pleasantly surprised. It covered all the topics that most couples probably do not talk about in private and it really made us open us to one another to discuss things that may be difficult to discuss. We learned a lot more about one another on a much deeper level.
Her: This course was very detailed and informative. The fact that we had another couple working along the side of us really made it that much better because when I thought I had a good understanding of what we just read and spoke about, they were able to add even more insight on the topics to really break it down for us to understand better.
Both:The course reminded us how important it is to keep God in your heart and in our home. He will never fail us and will always be there to guide you along in life. It reminded us that we aren't alone through this journey of life.

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