August 9th - Michael and Kellie – Rockville Centre, NY “This course made us become closer spiritually”

Him: I believe each question had a very purposeful reasoning to be on the course. It made me think deep and truly embrace this experience.
Her: This class has been so helpful and amazing. Each questions made you think deep within and having our instructor’s feedback was extremely helpful. It was a way to first express our thoughts, but then to read and analyze their viewpoints really helped us through this process.
Both: It truly helped us connect so much on a spiritual level. we look forward to keeping our faith throughout our marriage and life!

August 2nd - Gregory and Punnida – Singapore, Asia “It made me closer to God”

Him: We learned a lot from this course and appreciate the personalized feedbacks to our answers from our instructors. I think the beauty of this course is that it allows us to complete it at our own time - which was excellent with our hectic work and family schedule.
Her: This course allowed me to learn more about God and marriage, way more than what I expected.
Both: This course led us to discuss many topics about love, family, marriage and God. It definitely brought us closer as a couple, and with God.

Top 3

Evan and Kathie - Archdiocese of Chicago, IL
His impression of the prep: This class was a great way to go through Pre-Cana. Being able to go at our own pace was a life saver. Our instructors were incredible mentors throughout the entire process and their personalized feedback to our questions made learning much easier.
Her impression of the prep: I really appreciated that this class allowed us the flexibility to complete on our own time and also gave us time to digest each lesson instead of cramming everything into one weekend. I also liked that each lesson had a combination of bible passages to read, videos to watch, and experiences from others to learn from. Having a variety of learning mediums made the class feel much more personalized.
Did it meet his expectations: It exceeded my expectations. Great content and well organized.

Did it meet her expectations: Yes, this class met and exceeded my expectations! Having personalized feedback was something I appreciated and did not expect.

July 26th - Pete and Adriana – New York, NY “It exceeded my expectations”

Him: I found it very interesting and helpful that covered a lot of very serious topics.  It gave me a lot to think about in terms of marriage, God, and my expectations and goals going forward as we enter this sacrament.
Her: It opened my eyes and helped me understand on a deeper level what the expectations of marriage are in our religion and how it is applicable to present day interactions with people and communication with my partner.
Both: We appreciate this course and thought our instructors/counselors were fantastic and incredibly supportive to us on this journey.

July 19th - Darryl and Maria – Santa Rosa, CA “I feel that the course revived my faith”

Him: I was impressed with the amount of information I learned. This class provided me with a lot of valuable information on God, the Church, NFP, etc. From beginning to end, I was learning so much about the Sacrament of Matrimony and reflecting on my own marriage. Each class was enjoyable and I had so much fun doing this alongside my wife. The classes allowed us to communicate and talk about subjects we don't normally talk about. I'm glad we took this class and it's truly made us a stronger couple than before!
Her: The class met my expectations and really allowed me to do a thorough analysis of my faith and expectations for God within our lives now that we are getting married. I was able to learn a lot about how God wants us to follow in his teachings and how to problem solve some issues that may occur during our marriage.
Both: The course helped improve our communication because we were having more conversations about our faith and what we see our relationship with God evolving into. It also allowed us to start talking about how we will bring God into our relationship and foster our faith. I feel that the communication came naturally and allowed us to really take a moment to sit down and decompress after work and really put thought into the questions we were answering.

July 12th – Matt and Amelia –Corpus Christi, TX “It exceeded my expectations!”

Him: The course was incredible and taught us a great deal about marriage, sacramentally and practically.  We really appreciated the input from our instructors.  It makes entering into marriage seem a little less daunting when you have good people to guide you to becoming a good husband and wife.
Her: It was very thorough and our instructors worked to make it personal. It helped us reflect on necessary questions about marriage and our faith together. We are planning on printing our answer keys and saving them because they have such wonderfully presented answers in them!
Both: It added fire to our desire to be close to God and practice our faith together as a couple.

July 5th – Doo Hyun and Jihee – Houston, TX “It reminds us of the importance of good communication”

Him: Excellent training with the right blend of theology and practical techniques to achieve happy marriage.
Her: It truly is great to have valuable teaching and interaction with instructors. It was very great opportunity to learn a marriage in Christ and reflect myself in our relationship.
Both: It has taught us that marriage is not just two of us- but three, including Jesus.

June 28th – Mark and Caitlin – Detroit, MI “It encouraged me to have a deeper relationship with God”

Him: I had an excellent impression of this class. The conversations we had as a result helped us grow as a couple and we both learned a lot. I also enjoyed developing a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith throughout this course.
Her: I really enjoyed this course as it helped us to have meaningful and important conversations that I don’t think we would have had outside this class. We both learned a lot and I know it helped us grow closer as a couple.
Both: Wonderful course! Our mentors were so helpful and amazing, and we thoroughly enjoyed each assignment throughout the course.

Jimmy and Tina – Diocese of Colorado Springs, CO

His impression of the prep: The attention to detail was phenomenal. Every week, Tina and I would do a lesson together and would read the feedback from our instructors. We truly enjoyed the work and the thought our instructors put into their feedback to us.

Her impression of the prep: Thank you for such a thorough course! I enjoyed the go-at-your-own-pace aspect. Jimmy and I are both busy individuals (who isn't now!) and we would do a lesson when we had the head-space and the true time to do a good job and think through the questions together. I'm glad we didn't have to rush through anything just to get it done! We really got a lot out of it and will be a better couple because of this course.
Did it meet his expectations: Absolutely. I didn't have many expectations since this is the first (and last) time I'll be married, but it's been a thought-provoking course to go through with Tina.

Did it meet her expectations: Of course! It was a very insightful course for both of us and challenged us. We were surprised at how deep it made us think together, and it was well worth-while to dig at the questions and really glean the goodness from them.

June 21st - Filip and Melissa – Joliet, IL “I learned something new with each lesson”

Him: The class was great. It was well organized and I enjoyed the format of working with instructors who can share experiences from their marriage journey.

Her: I really enjoyed this class. I appreciated that we could work on it on our own time. It led to some really amazing discussions. Some topics we have discussed before, but not quite as in depth. It was great to see that we were like minded on so many topics.

Both: We spent so much time discussing so many topics, some that were very sensitive and controversial, that we probably would not have discussed previously. Not only that but we discussed these topics through the eyes of God. This really brought a new perspective in our life that we plan to continue using from here on out.

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