June 14th - Chad and Alli – Edmonton, AB “It definitely revived my faith!

HimMy plan is to consistently make it to mass so that I can connect with the Lord more and feel his presence. In doing this, I will set habits for my young children to help that they know the Lord better but also build their lives around being active members of our church community.

Her: Our instructors were fantastic to work with - they were so insightful and shared so many valuable things with us. We felt the course covered so many important topics and brought on many valuable conversations.

Both: Very user friendly and well laid out. Seems to cover a lot of the topics before one gets married.  

June 7th - Miguel and Mayra – Monterey, CA “It revived my faith by seeking God throughout my day and asking him for help and guidance.

Him: I liked that there was an open dialogue with us and the instructors. The system was easy to use and the instructors were very helpful.
Her: I really enjoyed reading the feedback from our instructors at the end of every section. The feedback was very detailed and expressed in such a loving caring way. We learned through this experience how to connect and keep God in the center always.
Both: We talked about things that we hadn't before such as forgiveness and NFP. It was very meaningful because we were open with each other and honest about what we liked and did not like. Having this communication brought us closer because we reconfirmed that.

May 31st- Ross and Autumn– Superior WI “The amount of positive feedback we received from our instructors on our answers blew me away and really helped to gain more insight on our faith.

Him: After going through this class, I took away great new relationship tools and advice to better myself and my marriage.
Her: After going through this class, my overall impression of it was that it was very informative and the instructors had outstanding feedback on how to overcome many obstacles couples face.
Both: It definitely improved our communication and made us start thinking about our future on a much more deeper level that we had not previously thought to talk about before this class.

May 17th - J and C - San Francisco, CA It made me want to go see a priest and confess my sins even though I'm not Catholic”

Him: Yes, it was more informative than I thought it would be.
Her: I appreciated reading the answer keys from our instructors and comparing the answers to what we had talked about before.
Him: This marriage prep brought up some shameful things I've struggled with in the past and it was a good reminder. It made me want to go see a priest and confess my sins even though I'm not Catholic.
Her: J told me some truths about his past that he never told me and it took a lot for me to forgive him but I did and we feel so much closer now.

May 7th Michael and Analiza – Detroit, MI - “The course allowed us to discuss our role and expectations as husband and wife, parents, and most of all, disciples of Christ.”

Him: I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know, and it challenged me to view things from a different perspective.

Her: It helped us that this is a good start to discuss our future journey as we enter the beginning of our marriage life.

Both: We appreciated how deep we dug into our faith, and the reasons why the church teaches what she teaches. There were a few times that we weren’t aware that certain things were so serious.

May 1st Michael and Krista – Greensburg, PA - “It challenged us to think about life and marriage on a more spiritual level. We never considered many of the things we learned.”

Him: The course was very insightful and inspiring to challenge both of us both spiritually and intellectually.  We learned a lot about the faith, but a lot more about each other through the questions posed through this course about topics we as a couple do not talk about frequently.

Her: I appreciated learning that the Catholic faith is not as scary as I once thought.

Both: It helped us to strengthen our faith - mostly together. It is something we have been wanting to do for a while but this course helped to solidify that want.

April 24th Moses and Alecia – New Ulm, MN - “This helped us grow together in our relationship and put God at the center of it.”

Him: This class got us talking about things that we most likely would not have talked about before our marriage and made us think a lot about our lives leading up to saying “I do” and about the life after saying “I do”. Very great and beneficial class to be a part of.

Her: It helped us start preparing for our future so that we can go into our marriage ready for what is ahead of us and with God at the center of our relationship.

Both: We appreciated how the entire class and all the assignments made us talk and converse with each other about a lot of difficult topics that are key to a healthy relationship and marriage.

April 16th Jonathon and Kendy – Atlanta, GA - “The course strengthened our desire to get closer to God and His Church.”

Him: I enjoyed this course because of the different levels of depth that we were able to uncover and achieve in our relationship. I believe all of the course work is super well put together and allows to bring out the best in each other.

Her: It made us closer and further understand our needs and what to expect and not expect from marriage.

Both: It provided us with more of a reinforcement reminding us all to be thankful for and all the different aspects of life to analyze.

April 9th Darell and Lanecia – New Orleans, LA - “The course encouraged us to incorporate prayer as a family and to always keep God first in our relationship.”

Him: The course opened my eyes to different perspectives.

Her: I enjoyed it, it was time that we got to spend together brainstorming and working together.

Both: It helped us open up to things we may not have thought of and helped us to communicate better.

March 25th LeRoy and Monique – Atlanta, GA - “This course tested the strength of our relationship thus far and what we will bring into the marriage.”

Him: It was very enlightening and another way for my fiance and me to get a better understanding of the things we need to know in our marriage.

Her: It has brought about a need to continue to dive into God's teachings and not take everything at face value. Though I was born and raised in the church, I want to be even more immersed in my faith and grow.

BothBy understanding a little bit more about God's teachings has brought us closer to God and helped us to further understand what he sacrificed for us.

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