March 19th Eric and Hannah – Toledo, OH - “It built the foundation for our marriage!”

Him: This was a great class that reflected on what marriage truly means to myself, future wife and God.

Her: Learning and reflecting on all of Gods teachings and how they play a key role in our relationship.

BothWe appreciated the ability to build our bond stronger through God’s teaching with reflection on what this means to our relationship and life.

March 6th Nathan and Angela – Peoria, IL - “It renewed our desire to put God first!”

Him: It helped us communicate about the work it takes to have a successful marriage.

Her: This course has brought me closer to God and I want to focus my life more on Him and create our foundation, as a married couple, in the Catholic faith.

BothThe time, input and support our instructors gave has been tremendously helpful to us as a couple.

February 28th Graham and Ann Marie – Cincinnati, OH -“The thoughtful approach to sometimes difficult topics brought up in the course was very valuable and appreciated.”

Him: My favorite aspect was the deep dive into a variety of scripture passages which strengthened my desire to make sure that God is at the center of our relationship and marriage.

Her: It ignited my faith and desire to grow closer to God by further elucidating God’s will for the sacrament of marriage.

BothThis course reinforced the importance of actively maintaining healthy communication throughout the course of married life (particularly through times of change).

February 21st Daniel and Christine – Waco, TX - “It renewed our appreciation of the beauty and truth of the Catholic Church and its teachings.”

Him: The theological foundations that were taught about morality and the reasons behind the Church's visions of sex and marriage were what I appreciated most.

Her: I appreciated the instructors’ feedback and the wealth of sources that we were encouraged to dive into.

BothThe material was very reflective of the Catholic vision of marriage and allowed us to deeply reflect on the beauty of this theology. We are so much more prepared for marriage having taken this course.

February 16th Christopher and Caitlin – Kansas City, KS -“Having this course to read and learn from helped keep what's important (God and our faith) in the center of our lives.”

Him: I enjoyed getting to put down our own thoughts but still think together about differences and similarities.

Her: I appreciated the instructors going into depth with the answer keys; we learned so much!

BothWe enjoyed working at our own pace so we could bond together and take as long as we wanted on some of the pieces while still feeling like we were getting assignments accomplished.

February 12th John and Kaitlyn– Medford, NY -“We enjoyed the time the course provided us to spend together discussing Christ and making God a priority in our marriage.”

Him: I appreciated the thorough explanations and details of how the love of God benefits marriage.

Her: The course has helped me to reflect, grow and better my relationship with my fiancé and with God.

BothWe enjoyed deepening our relationship with one another, as well as together with God.

February 7th Quintin and Ivy– California -“The course has been instrumental in our process to getting married in the Church, especially during these times.”

Him: I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about my faith with regards to my married life. There were a lot of things that I learned that are going to be instrumental to me being a good husband and father.

Her: The course has helped open my eyes on the values related to marriage in the faith.

Both We will keep the things we've learned from this course in our hearts as we begin our marriage.

January 31st Roderick and Micaela– Dallas, TX -“HOLINESS is our goal.”

Him: It reminded me of the immense gift and responsibility God has given me in my future spouse. With this gift to give thanks for and this responsibility to care for, I definitely want to grow closer to God and His Church.

Her: The course worked to meet us where we're at without shying away from unpopular truths of our faith.

BothWe felt challenged, encouraged, and cared for.

January 24th Albert and Alexandria– Bensalem, PA -“It was a very lovely, informational and eye-opening course.”

Him: It helped me realize the significance God plays in our lives and in the sacrament of marriage.

Her: It revived my faith to return to Church and the sacraments more frequently.

BothThe course encouraged us to delve deeper into serious and important topics.


January 17th Tommy and Bernadette– Denver, CO -“We can’t wait to apply what we’ve learned into our marriage!”

Him: As a non-Catholic, it was great to learn about my partners religion and connect on a new level.

Her: The course revived my faith and is helping me grow as individual, but also as partner in a marriage.

BothDue to the course, we now have a clear idea on what is expected from each other as we enter marriage.

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