September 24th Adam and Rebecca- Scottsdale, AZ “Very in depth and informative.”
Him: It got me thinking about what it really means to be Catholic and go through this holy sacrament. [It’s] much more than just the traditional view of marriage.
Her: It revived my faith and really gave me insight into what I will be doing when I make my marriage promises.
Both: [It] gave dedicated time to discuss things and just talk everything through while sharing our opinions with each other.

September 26th Kyle and Christina-Wading River, NY “Sometimes you lose sight of that in this world and it was nice to have a reminder.”
Him: I think this was very helpful and insightful. It gave good advice. It encouraged open discussion between us about topics we normally wouldn't disclose.
Her: It reconnected me with God in the union we are about to create with marriage. The meaning behind marriage opened up another doorway to God for me.
Both: The course created some challenging questions that encouraged us to open up about our views and connect on another level.

September 27th Justin and Ilse-Southfield, MI “We both have learned so much, it has opened up our faith even more.”
Him: This prep allowed me to think about marriage not only from my perspective but also from the Church's view. It's giving me a better understanding of what is expected from me as a husband and I have learned so much from the feedback.
Her: I really appreciated all the exercises because I learned so much from all of them. The answer keys are very well explained. I also appreciated how this class went beyond religion and went into learning about marriage problems and raising children.
Both: It allowed us to talk about things more in detail and it has given us a better understanding on our views. Our views are very similar but it helped us learn where our ideas were coming from.

September 28th Ben and Lauren-Chico, CA “It definitely renewed my desire to get closer to God and his Church”
Him: I appreciated most the teachings of what marriage means as a whole. This will give me more perspective and ownership of my role as a husband to the woman I love. I also appreciated recounting the times in our lives when we felt God’s presence because they meant a lot to me and it was a great reflection.
Her: I thought the class was great overall. It covered a broad range of topics and really sparked some conversation that we may have not had otherwise.
Both: It sparked a lot of conversations between us about topics that we may not have thought to discuss otherwise. It also encouraged us to look at topics from different angles than we had previously.

September 29th Mark and Ashley-Sacramento, CA “It helped me get back in touch with God which is something I haven't been able to do since changing employers and not having easy access to a church.”
Him: I appreciated that the classes made us sit down together and chat about our upcoming marriage. It was nice to not have to plan details for the actual day, but rather discuss how to think about marriage for the long run.
Her: The course was a firm reminder that marriage is a sacrament and we are celebrating this union in front of God. With that, it reaffirms my decision to get married in the church. As for the course itself, the teachings were presented very different than how I was brought up as a Catholic. They were very focused on the bible and specific teachings and interpretations of readings, whereas I was raised for the readings to be lessons and applicable to modern day life.
Both: It made us take turns which seems simple but isn't often how we communicate. We both would like to continue that practice.