July 29th Michael and Jordan – Wilmington, NJ
“I feel closer to God after this course.”

Him:The course helped us build a better communication between each other. It brought up a lot of conversations we have not had.

Her: We appreciate our instructors, they were great! We learned a lot from them and this course.

BothWe had good conversations that made us grow closer together and really understand each other more.


July 30th Benjamin and Lauren – Denver, CO
“The course made us think deeply about what marriage and faith meant to us.”

Him: I think it did a great job of teaching online and still having the personal touch of having instructors that give great feedback. 

Her:  It revived my faith by really instilling in me how important it is to allow God into our relationship. It was a great learning experience! 

Both: We very much enjoyed this course and the excellent, detailed feedback given by our instructors. 


July 31st Jose and Jade – Denver, CO
“The course is filled with a lot of valuable information!”

Him:  Now I feel I have a better understanding of what it truly means to be a Catholic husband and how to prepare for the holy sacrament of marriage.

Her:   It has definitely not only renewed my faith but also has ignited my passion to become a good wife.

Both:The format of the classes is also very convenient because we can work on the classes at our own pace and therefore we do not feel rushed.


August 1st Nick and Claire – Boise, ID
“This course was more than I expected for an online course.”

Him: I feel like we have grown spiritually and are prepared for the sacrament of marriage.

Her:  The course allowed us to think about things we hadn't before and reflect on many important topics. It was also very informational and we both learned a lot.

BothIt allowed us to openly talk about our religious feelings and how we want to incorporate it in our future life as husband and wife.


August 2nd Derek and Melissa – Paranaque
“The course really opened my eyes to every concept of how to make a marriage last a lifetime.”

HimI enjoyed the course and look forward to applying these lessons in our marriage.

Her: I will definitely keep everything I have learned in mind as we work to have the healthiest and lasting relationship (with the help of God).

Both:  The course opened our minds and hearts to understand each other's perspective and acquired great tools that we can use in the future.