December 31st Jordan and Natalie – New Orleans, LA
“(The course) was very in-depth and required us to critically think about all areas of marriage.”

 I appreciated that we got to discuss the lessons one-on-one and it allowed us to be open and honest with each other.

HerI really liked the personal connection with our instructors that offered guidance from their real life experiences.

Both We liked that we could work at our own pace alongside our hectic schedules and planning a wedding.

January 1st Jake and Laddie – Kansas City, KS
“(The course) blew me out of the water! I feel more prepared for this next chapter of my life.”

Him: The worksheets gave us a lot to talk about. We were able to think outside of our normal box and hear what other couples and Catholics think.

HerI appreciated the insight we received from our instructors. I think, as a couple, we really benefited from that.

Both: I appreciate working through the questions and discussions with Laddie. I've always felt like we've had great communication and I think this just pushed us to the next level.

January 2nd Garrett and Katherine – Galveston-Houston, TX
“A great course which made us both think about the questions more comprehensively than anticipated.”

HimA very thorough course, which was challenging and helpful to understand the connection with Catholic marriage and God

HerI really liked how it was a course we could both work through together and think through our answers more wholesomely.

BothWe were able to talk about some challenging topics such as Natural Family Planning and how we are going to have to work harder with our demanding careers to keep God a center-point in our lives.

January 3rd Michael and Jessica – Rockville Centre, NY
“I actually learned more than I anticipated.”

Him: The course made me just really remember why I am a Catholic and I am proud of it.

HerI was actually nervous I wasn't going to get the proper knowledge being that we did it online, but I really feel I did. I was able to go back and read things over at my own pace.

BothWe think it gave us a chance to discuss each lesson after we completed it. We were able to discuss how we felt about it, how we interpreted it, and how we plan to apply it to our marriage and future.

January 4th Michael and Jia – San Francisco, CA
“Educational and practical. We use what we learned in the course, and it helps our daily lives.”

Him:  Very thorough and thoughtful questions and important readings especially for my spouse who is not Catholic

Her I appreciate most about the forgiveness part, and the part of how to stop arguing and find solution. 

BothIt helped us to understand that more important than winning or being 'correct' is having the strength of the marriage intact and continuing to grow.