June 24th Cody and Veronica – Salt Lake City, UT
“I appreciated the way many of the questions had me and my fiancé talking.” 

Him:I feel like I learned so much from this, the course only got me more interested in learning more about the church.

Her: It was a wonderful experience. It helped me understand some of the teachings I hear in mass often. The way our instructors went into depth with our answers was really helpful.

BothThe course brought up some topics that we have not talked about in the past and how it will apply to us in the future.


June 25th James and Simone – Sacramento, CA
“We greatly appreciated the time, insights and experiences that were shared with us.”

Him:It made me think about my faith and my faith in terms of my relationship with Simone.

Her:  I think the course drew us closer together.  We spent a lot of time on each assignment, reading, watching the videos, and discussing all the issues the class brought up. 

Both: The course prompted us to talk about many important issues and aspects of faith, our relationship, and our future married life.  This was very helpful.


June 26th Peder and Dixielee – Denver, CO
“It helped us see where we were at with each other.”

Him:  Great class structure for someone who is newly wed or getting married. 

Her: The course renewed my desire to get closer to the church.

Both We have become a little better at letting each other finish and have renewed the desire for both of us to go to church.


June 27th Joshua and Meghan – Albany, NY
“The course allowed me to really experience and look into my faith.”

Him:I felt as though this course was well constructed and touched on many topics that may not always be brought up and discussed between couples before marriage

Her: This course has definitely renewed my desire to get closer to God and His Church. 

BothIt facilitated discussions that needed to be had and it allowed us to start our marriage on a good foot.


June 28th Christopher and Yvonne – Los Angles, CA
“I found the course very open in terms of teaching.”

Him:  This course was very informative and I learned many things relating to the sacrament of marriage.  It covered each topic in a very educational way and I found the process enlightening. 

Her: I appreciated that the course referred to many different passages of the Bible and also outside resources.  Hearing from different people throughout the process made it less of a textbook type online course but more of an interactive one.

Both:  We are now more actively talking about children, our faith, and our desire to give back to the Catholic community.