September 9th Colin and Brittany – Arlington, VA
“The detailed responses surpassed my expectations.”

Him:I loved the in-depth discussion and the thorough feedback we received.

Her:  I feel more prepared to enter into this next phase of my life with my husband, and with Christ as well. I loved how the passages pulled straight from the Bible were applied, and forced me to seriously reflect on how to live my married life through Christ.

BothThe course allowed us to more completely consider how Christ takes a central role in our married life together, and more fully communicate to each other our expectations for starting our family together.


September 10th Michael and Ashley – Detroit, MI
“These were powerful lessons.”

Him:  My overall impression is that the lessons were very in depth! I really enjoyed the scriptures taken from the Bible and relating it to our discussions.

HerI initially thought, this will be a beautiful journey to learn about God's love... but these lessons truly made a mark on me that I will take with me for the rest of our life and our marriage.

Both:  It truly opened our eyes to our bright future involved with a closer relationship to God, a happy marriage, a better sense of communication, a better sense of understanding of God's love, and a better preparation for our future children and family planning! 


September 11th Ricardo and Victoria – Ft. Worth, TX
“I think the course puts a lot of things into perspective.”

Him:  I can't describe how it happened, but it definitely made us more connected. We communicated like never before and we feel more ready for marriage than ever before.

Her: I think the course’s such an important step and tool in preparation for marriage. It gets a lot of important conversations going, as well, as, provide excellent tools for better communication.

Both: We learned to listen to each other more and we are practicing active listening, which has been a major help. Communication is a two way street.


September 12th David and Maggie – Denver, CO
“This was an incredibly useful program for us entering into marriage.”

Him: I really appreciated the way that the feedback was structured. It felt very personal and tailored to our individual answers. 

Her:  I appreciated the in depth review of every assignment. It was super helpful to have notes to each of our answers and it made it feel very personal instead of just an assignment.

Boththrough this course, we had the opportunity to dive deeper together through the prompted topics in each assignment. These discussions definitely helped our communication.


September 13th Rich and Colleen – Lansing, MI
“The course really gave us quality time together.”

Him: The course helped me to think and grow even more than I thought I would.

Her: The course really gave me a lot of perspective about what is truly important in marriage.

Both: Taking time to talk about specific topics that we hadn't discussed as much was extremely helpful.