September 25th Bill and Phuong – Galveston-Houston, TX“It make me excited about getting married in the church and to say the vows to my spouse now that I know the meaning behind them.”

Him:It was very detailed and covered a lot of topics. I think it was very helpful and it taught me a lot about myself, my partner, and about my faith. It made me understand that I have to put God first before anyone else. I am selfish in many ways. Allowing God to come first will allow me to form a better conscience.
Her: There was so much I didn't know. I think this course is great and I am so glad we took this course. I really did learn a lot about Bill. I feel like this course made our love even greater. I even feel a closer relationship to God after this course.
Both: It opened the door to things we didn't know we should have discussed. We learned a lot more about each other even though we have been together for some time. We had to talk a lot over this course. The tips on lesson 8 were so helpful to. We even started to try to resolve some small problems using those methods discussed in the links.

September 26thKyle and Katie – Allentown, PA “The course allowed me to fuel a fire that was already burning in my heart for our God.”

Him:This experience was a great opportunity for us to strengthen our love with each other and with God, as well as learn so much about each other, our God, and His Church.
Her: The course was extremely beneficial to us. It opened our relationship to a lot of deep and meaningful conversations that allowed us to be open and really think about the topics presented.
Both: It allowed us to have open and honest discussions about topics that many couples probably don't have. We are now able to respond to one another with forgiveness and acknowledgement of feelings. We feel as though we have improved greatly on our communication and are confident that we can have meaningful discussions about any difficulties that might arise throughout our marriage.

September 27th Nicholas and Danielle – Norwich, CT “It helped go deeper into some of the gospel readings which I may have heard before but did not understand the full meaning.”

Him:My overall impression is that it was a quality class that I felt comfortable doing with Danielle. It got us discussing different ideas about God and we use each other to help us understand through the course. Our sponsors were also great giving us thorough explanations since we are not the best at elaborating our answers.
Her:I really enjoyed this class, it was another avenue for Nick and I to talk about our future together and help plan our future. Our sponsors were extremely helpful in explaining things we didn't fully grasp and allowed us to get to know them so they didn't feel like strangers. Nick and I became closer to God and closer to each other through this marriage prep course.
Both: It gave us important topics to focus on. While we have spoken about our future plans for family it was nice to have a designated time, especially during this busy time in our lives right before the wedding, to slow down and really talk to each other about the important things in life.

September 28th Adam and Katie – Altoona-Johnstown, PA “This course enabled me to feel closer to God by increasing my knowledge of several things, including the sacraments and our vows.”

Him:It was a worthwhile course that I was able to use to get to know Katie more as well as both of our expectations for marriage.  It allowed us to discuss things we never thought to discuss before
Her: I enjoyed how this course was focused on our Catholic faith and how we can have a marriage that follows God's will, and it discussed other aspects (money, forgiveness, etc) as well. It covered a wide range and made me feel better prepared for marriage. I appreciated that this prep gave us the opportunity to take time to discuss what we want our marriage to be like, and how we can better make that happen. It gave us the opportunity to talk about having kids, how to include God in our daily lives, and how to better forgive each other. We are both so busy, and I'm glad that this course enabled us to have deeper conversations and spend time with one another.
Both:It enabled us to talk about things that we haven't previously discussed and talk about things that we have already discussed in greater depth.

September 29th Huynh and Hongminh – Dallas, TX “My overall impression is great.  I learned more about God and each other.”

Him:It gives a great idea of what to expect in our marriage.  There is so much more than just love. Love is very important but other aspect of lives is also much more important. Just love itself would not maintain a marriage.
Her:This prep had given me a great impression of what to expect in a marriage and having God by our side through our journey together is very important.
Both:This prep really improves our communication with God and with each other.  It help us to have a better understanding about marriage and a bi part of marriage is to know how to communicate.