December 24th Michael and Stephanie – Sacramento, CA
“(The course) taught me how to see God in different forms of life.”

Him: I liked the structure of each class. I learned about how to family plan, naturally, how to effectively communicate with my spouse, and came away feeling closer to God.

HerI feel like this definitely has taught me how important it is to include and continue our relationship with God, even in marriage.

Both We both became more active listeners to one another's problems. We challenge ourselves to to practice all of the information we have learned in this course and to apply it on a daily basis.

December 25th Evan and Julie – Norwich, CT
“This course was extremely helpful for me in getting prepared for marriage.”

Him: I most appreciated the personal feedback from our instructors! It opened our eyes further and deeper into topics, allowing us to learn and grow more.

HerThis course was very beneficial for us to dive deeper into topics and really embrace the Sacrament of Matrimony. 

Both: We are so happy with all of the information we received and that we had the opportunity to further our relationship with God through this preparation for marriage.

December 26th Mario and Stephanie – Venice, FL
“We realized the importance of having God in our marriage.”

HimI appreciated most the fact that the course helped us get a deeper understanding of what it takes to make a marriage work and what God expects of us in this unity.

HerIt revived my faith by reminding me how important it is to keep God in our relationship.

BothThis course helped us to talk things through more in depth and brought up different points that we hadn't discussed yet. 

December 27th Rey and Dinorah – Indianapolis, IN
“The course had a good balance between human life and spiritual content.”

Him: This was an excellent course. It made us as a couple talked about things we have not talked before.

HerThe course has very detailed and open questions to ignite a conversation about topics both practical and spiritual that a couple should discuss together.

BothWe had a lot of conversations with opportunity to learn each other opinion. We also have time to talk about our differences.

December 28th Daniel and Nini – Fort Worth, TX
“I enjoyed the constant feedback from out instructors.” 

Him:  I really enjoyed this marriage preparation course as it covered most if not all questions we had.

Her I appreciated learning about things I wasn't aware of about marriage before this course as it opened my eyes to what marriage is and what can be expected.

BothIt made us talk about how we both can be flexible with our different religious views in order to balance and compromise.