July 22nd Hector and Mayra – Atlanta, GA
“The course made us work and become a better couple.”

Him:I appreciated the forgiveness section. It was eye opening and very concrete. 

Her: The course was extremely wonderful and helpful. It has me prepared and inspired to be a good wife and mother to my children.

BothThis course was very rewarding. It had a positive impact in our relationship.


July 23rd Ryan and Wendy – Burlington, VT
“The course opened my eyes a lot and gave me a whole new perspective on life and love.”

Him: This was an excellent experience; I did not expect to like the whole process however I truly did. The course has opened my eyes to so many things that I previously was not looking at.

Her:  Very informative prep course that I believe has definitely brought me not only closer to God but also closer to Ryan.I now feel a lot more confident in my relationship.

Both: I appreciate how the course allowed us to be more open and forth coming about what we both wanted and expected out of marriage 


July 24th Edward and Kristina – St. Louis, MO
“I thought the course was extremely helpful and a bonding experience.”

Him:  The course poses the right questions you should be asking before you get married, not after.

Her:  I loved this course. It helped us grow stronger as a couple as well as see how we can grow closer to Christ through our marriage.

Both:The course definitely helped us both individually and together as a couple get closer to God and His Church. It helped us realize what we can do together as a couple for God and His Church.


July 25th Chris and Gianna – Hartford, CT
“The discussions that we had made us realize more about what it means to be married in the course.” 

Him: I liked how the course started from a basic understanding and worked all the way through basic and advanced marriage tools that we can use in the future. 

Her:  I learned a lot about the meaning and importance of putting God first in your marriage in order for Him to bless your marriage and help you be at peace knowing God's word even during the difficult times.

BothThe course led us to reflect and talk more openly in a way we don’t often think about doing. 


July 26th Sean and Alexis – Knoxville, TN
“The course ignited my desire to get closer to God.”

Him:  I thoroughly enjoyed this course, it helped us prepare to grow in our faith and have a deeper understanding of God's will.

Her: I appreciated the love letters we wrote to each other.

Both:  It helped us improve our communication because we both saw and listened to each other's perspectives while learning in this course.