July 8th Nathan and Jessica – St. Louis, MO
“I appreciated the ease of access to the course material.”

Him:The class was convenient as an online resource for us to communicate and participate together during our current long-distance relationship.

Her: The class was beneficial in the sense it was self-paced, so we could spend more time discussing topics at the depth that we required.

BothThe course added an extra form of prayer to our week/day as we completed assignment to assignment.


July 9th Calvin and Carli – Los Angeles, CA
“We saw how applicable God’s Scripture was to our daily lives.”

Him: It was nice to address some of the issues we will face in our marriage, without this course, these things may have gone unsaid.

Her:  The personalized responses were very helpful in guiding our discussions and helping us prayerfully prepare for our marriage. I had not anticipated such real, personal feedback.

Both: The course inspired us to talk through very important topics that we may not have thought to bring up otherwise.


July 10th Owen and Alyse – Edmonton, Canada
“I liked how the course got us talking.”

Him:  This course helped me learn a lot about the Catholic Church and about marriage.

Her:  The course helped me explain parts of my faith better to Owen and I think it helped him learn about the Church and what marriage is within the church.

BothThe course got conversations started that may have been hard to approach before, and it was a great way to get us talking about things we wouldn't have come across without it.


July 11th Jorge and Laura – Denver, CO
“There was a lot more info than I was expecting.”

Him:The preparation helped me identifying and understanding what marriage really is under the law and blessing of God

Her:  It helped me grow my faith and more knowledge on what marriage is and the important steps and definitions for a great successful marriage by receiving the blessing of God

BothThe course helped improve our communication by being able to listen and give feedback in a way we won't hurt each other to have constructive communication.


July 12th Stirling and Barbara – Santa Rosa, CA
“I love how the course was set up and how it covered all the important bases.”

Him:  Educational and informative. We appreciated the detailed feedback from every assignment.

Her: I appreciated the love letters the most. And the course also made me feel more prepared as a wife.

Both:  We enjoyed sitting together and truly preparing ourselves for our marriage and life together.