August 5th Mitch and Megan – Kansas City, KS
“This online course gave very similar guidance as we would have received in-person.”

Him: As a couple in a long distance relationship, this course was very helpful in guiding communication and walking through marriage preparation without us having to be together.

Her: I thought this course was well rounded and covered some areas we had not discussed before!

BothThis course gave us tools to communicate in new ways, especially regarding disagreements.

August 6th Matthew and Stacey – Philadelphia, PA
“We have nothing but good things to say about this course.”

Him: The prep allowed us to spend time together and allow the course to be flexible to fit our schedule. 

Her:  The instructors gave us honest and open feedback every week and really had the two of us discussing things about God and our faith much more openly.

Both: The course did make us more aware of all of the things in life that we have to thank God for and allowed us both time to slow down and realize how important God and our faith is.


August 7th Brian and Mary – Manchester, NH
“It was a great course and very valuable to us.”

Him:  I thought the course was very organized and thoughtfully presented. I feel even more prepared to enter in marriage and not only that but to continue to build my faith moving forward thanks to the course.

Her: I was very impressed, I think we really got the same experience as an in person course. I felt we really gained a lot together, learned and grew in our faith together, and were forced to have some conversations we otherwise may not have broached. 

Both: We really appreciate the feedback and the encouragement throughout the process. We felt the course was really well thought out and intentioned and we are even more excited to embark together in the holy sacrament of marriage.


August 8th Adrian and Pamela – Huston, TX
“I appreciated how we had access to the instructors when needed.”

Him: This course is very helpful in many areas! I appreciated knowing what it means to be married in the eyes of God!

Her:  I loved the course, it honestly went above and beyond!

BothThe course helped us better understand each other and how not to blame each other.


August 9th Robert and Maria – Harrisburg, PA
“The course was very effective and interesting.”

Him: It allowed me to have deeper discussions with my future wife and to make me think again about my relationship with God. 

Her: The course was very useful, it helped me understand and think about certain things related to marriage.

Both:  The course asked us sometimes challenging/difficult questions which made us consider each other's perspective and have additional discussions.