June 18th Brandon and Laura – Lafayette, LA“It made me realize that I still have growing to do in my faith and it gave me new insight on how to  continue to grow.”

Him:I thoroughly enjoyed being able to directly correspond with the same two individuals regarding our progress. Being able to look at their feedback on our work allowed us to build a comfort level with them and really express our thoughts and get into getting in touch with God during this preparation. I am so happy that our paths crossed and I can't wait to share with them in the future our progress in our faithful marriage.
Her: Considering our hectic work schedules, using this method was our best option to prepare for our marriage; but, honestly, I am so thankful that we were able to work with [our instructors]! They broke down into so much detail the ups and downs, the difficulties and triumphs, the hardships and the accomplishments that our marriage could bring. They were so patient with us and really allowed us to absorb every part of this preparation; and, I know, that had we not worked with them, we would not have gained as much from this experience as we did. I am so grateful that we were able to work with them and have now developed a forever bond with them.
Both:We had to really sit down and work through these worksheets and focus on the questions we were being asked. It wasn't a right or wrong response, but it was finding the right answers for our relationship. There were some thought provoking topics that were brushed on and it gave each of us an opportunity to take the lead. Laura knows quite a bit more about the historical side of the Catholic faith and where I lacked in that area, I was able to give my insights and point of view when talking about some of the real-life situations. This process showed each of us our strengths and areas of weakness, which can often be difficult to reveal to others; but, it made sharing those shortcomings so much easier because we were on the same page the whole time and had guidance from some pretty professional teachers if we weren't sure how to get on the same page.

June 19th Jim and Nicole – Kalamazoo, MI “Everything that was laid out in the modules and being able to have this quality time with my future husband helped revive me.”

Him:I loved it. Not only did I learn a lot, but it gave me a lot to think about. I think we will both be revisiting some of these pages in the future. I really appreciate your detailed feedback. It's hard to say what I appreciated most.  I really liked the part about discussing religion with people that may not be religious, or may have a different religion.  I really liked that this got me and Nicole to talk about some things that we may not have every really discussed had we not taken the course.  We both agree that this course was fantastic for us and we really appreciate that you guys took the time to provide such detailed feedback.
Her:I really loved this course. I learned so much and looked forward to the modules as they came along. I really appreciated the feedback we received with each assignment and having [our instructors] share their personal experiences. I'm so glad we took this course!I appreciated the education about the church and the importance of everything as a Catholic/Christian, especially in marriage and relationships. I appreciate that "touchy" subjects such as abortion, birth control, etc were discussed and that there were videos supporting everyone’s right to an opinion, but not necessarily making something right.
Both:It brought up a ton of subjects that we discussed in depth. We were able to discuss each other's short-comings, as well as our own, and how to improve.

June 20th Josh and Nicole – Denver, CO “It was nice to have my future spouse to talk through all of these revelations of faith.”

Him:It gets conversations started that might not have happened without this prep. We will definitely be continuing to practice and reflect on this over our marriage.I appreciated the amount of content that was packed into this course. As I said earlier, it brings up talking points that either you wouldn't think about, or it is awkward enough that it is not discussed to the extent it needs to be.
Her:I appreciated how this course brought up topics that we have not had the chance to discuss yet and gave us many opportunities to explore our faith together.
Both:It opened the door to all conversations, not just the easy ones.

June 21st Benjamin and Alicia – Monterey, CA “It brought back some items of our faith that I had forgotten, but also taught me new ones.”

Him:I think the course is definitely worth it, and ideal for couples who do not have the opportunity or luxury to live in the same place and attend the classes together. It definitely gave us the platform to discuss some very sensitive topics, that would probably not have come up otherwise.
Her:Over all I think I am walking away with a good impression. Yes, there was a lot of reading and writing, but it allowed us to learn a lot not just about church and God, but also about ourselves as a couple. It made us have a lot of discussions that allowed to talk and made decisions on how our marriage is going to work.
Both:As mentioned above, it gave us a platform to discuss about some topics that we would not normally discuss about, or that we were not willing to discuss because we were afraid of disagreements.

June 22nd Tanner and April – Billings, MT “…learning about the faith in relationship to my relationship with Tanner gave it a deeper meaning for me. I felt more connected with it.”

Him: I really enjoyed it, this was a worthwhile experience for me and I think I can speak for both of us when I say, thank you. I greatly appreciated the ‘green sex’ audio by Jason Evert, he is a smart man and I am glad you used some of his material in this course.  I also appreciate how most if not all the questions had meaning and weren't ‘filler’ material.
Her:It was really cool. The lessons were interesting and sparked some good conversations between us. It helped us get on the same page about our expectations in marriage. I appreciated delving into how men and women are different. Understanding our roles as man and woman I think is important in understanding our relationship together and our roles in married life. I also liked talking about the theology of the body and the significance of intimacy.
Both:It gave us tools that we either didn’t know about or if we did know about them we can use the tools better.